My Beautiful, Messy, Masterpiece I Call My Life!

Bake up something delicious in your life today — my morning scones

When I woke up this morning, I decided to make Lemon, Cranberry Scones.

As I was throwing the flour, baking powder (I don’t use self-rising flour) and sugar into the bowl it struck me how much baking is like life.

We start out with an essential ingredient or two – in life’s case, ourselves, our family of origin and our environment and then move on to add other ingredients to the mix. Like learning to walk, talk, going to school, puberty, and all sorts of things, some organic to our lives, like the aging process such as puberty, menopause. Others, more environmental, or accidents, losses, and circumstances, like where we live, our parents uprooting us and moving to another community, city, country…

And through it all, all those ingredients go into the ‘pot’ we call our life and get all stirred up into this thing we live every day that we call, Our Life.

Sometimes, on the journey of life, ingredients end up in the pot of our living process that simply do not create the right flavour, colour or texture or scent We can throw them out, adapt the recipe, perhaps add a bit of sugar or spice or some other thing to sweeten the pot. In life.

Just as when I bake/cook, I tend to go off script/menu, I’ll take a different path than expected, or add an ingredient/person to the mix to see how that thing/person will gel. Through it all, I am constantly adjusting and adapting. Stirring and combining. Ingredients. People. Environments. Circumstances. Happenings.

And that becomes the thing about aging.

One day, at some unspecified age, we look up from all that beautiful mess in our pot and say, “Wow! Look what I created!”

My wish for you today is that you revel in what you’ve created without judgment. That you don’t focus on your life, no matter your age, as ‘the mess’ but revel and celebrate, ‘My Beautiful Mess” Better yet, “My Beautiful Life.” Or…. if you’re really feeling bold, call it, “My Beautiful Messy Masterpiece I Call MY LIFE!”

Because that’s the thing. Whatever you call it. It is YOUR life. And having a perfect life is just not possible so why not celebrate its beautiful messiness?

In the end, and every day up until the end, only you can determine how well Your Life fits you. And, just like you don’t go into a shoe store and try on the wrong sized shoes again and again, if you don’t like where you’re at today, why not try another way, a different ingredient, an unknown path?- which is my way of saying, if how you’re seeing your life today does not bring you great joy and happiness, how about changing the way you see the mess and focus on what is there amidst all the things you see wrong — great joy, beauty, and worth celebrating.

It’s your mess. Your choice.

This week, I embrace the truth that I can and am falling deeper into love with my life, mess and all, is a daily adventure that grows on me every day!


Thank you everyone for being part of this journey. Your comments, emails, likes, shares, and presence bring me great joy and happiness!


For those who are curious…. next week’s theme (as it stands now… 🙂 ) is — what are my unconscious (and conscious) biases around aging? I’m looking forward to an enlivening conversation!

10 thoughts on “My Beautiful, Messy, Masterpiece I Call My Life!

  1. So sad that we live so far away. Otherwise I would have popped over to indulge my love of scones with a cup or two of Java on your deck. We may sit in peaceful solitude listening to the river waters flowing by in undulating waves of never-repeating patterns. At some point we would began to chat, converse, debate whatever comes to mind. This time it probably will be something to do with aging.
    The concept of my life being a beautiful MESS, yes. It is my mess, I am solely responsible for it, I control it. It reminds me of a wartime story my father used to tell me about the “soup made with a nail”. If there was a lull in the fighting, and no mess tent or cooks around, the soldiers had a pot with a nail. Each soldier would add something, a veg, something resembling meat from a ration tin, herbs, whatever they could scrounge. Et voilà, à soup was soon simmering for all to enjoy. I am the pot, and others added what they could, and my life slowly took shape. There were moments it may not have “tasted” great and I had to make some, or even drastic, adjustments, but it was MY life, my MESS. Would I have changed anything, so far. No, for it has been, continues to be, my chaotic journey from babyhood to today’s “aging gracefully” chapter. It is my journey, my “soup made with a nail”.
    BTW, Google “nail soup”. It is based on a folk story about “stone soup”. As I grew older I realized my father was giving me a lesson that I would only understand as I aged with some life experience under my belt.
    Til next week. Do enjoy the weekend wherever you may be.

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    • Wouldn’t that be amazing? If you could just pop over and we could sit and chatter and explore and discuss and lovingly disagree, or not, on somethings and not others… Wow! That would be divine!

      I love your father’s story — such a beautiful example of community at its best, even when the times are worst.

      Hugs my friend! ❤


  2. Today I am celebrating the online writing circles I created during the pandemic and continue to lead. If I hadn’t taken the chance, I never would have met you and many other amazing people. Keep asking the questions that fill your heart. Wishing you buckets of joy today.

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    • Your circles awoke something in me Ali that can never go to sleep again. The magic, poetry and community of every circle is a gift I cherish and love diving into. I feel… seen, heard, present in your circles — and that in itself is a gift. Thank you my poetry writing guru!

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  3. I got behind on my commenting.
    Wrapping up a household that others have left has had me in a state, stuck mentally. And I appreciate the last few posts that had me thinking about age, getting older, attitude, and cooking up my life, among other things.
    I’m looking forward to the next topic.

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    • Thank you Nance. What you are encountering is a tough life passage — and I love that you come to this, and other creative tables to find community, inspiration and courage to stay true to your course, to be who you are, beautifully creative, essentially present and always exploring life’s many angles, mirrors, paths and portals.


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