The Circle of Life Carries On

The Circle of Life Carries On
by Louise Gallagher
“Help me! I’m falling,” called the leaf to the limb.

The limb whispered back, “You must let go and let Mother Nature catch you.”

“But it will be the end of me,” cried the leaf.

“Hang on or let go, your life will end,” said the limb. “It is nature’s way..”

Frightened, the leaf clung tighter to the limb 
as the autumn winds blew fierce.

The limb shook, the leaf fell and nature had its way.

Winter came followed by spring bursting 
with leaves unfolding. 

The circle of life carries on, unending.

12 thoughts on “The Circle of Life Carries On

  1. Listen, do not disturb a tiny sparrow as it builds its nest.
    Smell the fragrance of freshly-cut grass as it wafts through rain.
    Spring awakens, another year has begun.

    Listen, you may hear a song, soft and sweet, floating on the breeze.
    Flowers and leaves sway in gentle rhythm.
    Wheat fields wave banners of yellow
    sprinkled with the orange red of wild poppies.
    Summer reigns in full splendour.

    Listen, the wind is rising.
    Dark clouds scuttle across the sky as leaves of red and yellow
    float down unto fields shorn of harvest.
    Birds head to warmer climes as early morn’ frost shimmers in sunbeams as they arise.
    Autumn is here, fires ablaze in the hearth, warm the soul.

    Listen, can you hear anything?
    Tree skeletons stand like sentinels against the stark white snow.
    Neither movement nor sound are present.
    The stealth of silence falls as night fuses with day.
    Winter sleeps in beauty.

    Listen … the circle of life is complete, again.
    And on it goes – the circle of life is never-ending. Have a wonderful weekend !

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  2. We are brought up in a small world that colours our perspective of what life is all about. We try to do it, and we fail, over and over. Some, people manage to get to a place of having something in life fills their heart and wards off the discouragement of having things not turning out as expected. Love.

    I have not reached that point. But I have come closer to it. And it is very much a matter of balance. Like the tide. Give and receive. Love.

    I am amazed that human beings have words and that there is the word, “beauty”.
    It can muster, desire, awe, gratefulness.
    We have many ways of seeing, and feeling.
    It is the gratefulness that feeds our soul. Love.

    There are moments of pleasure in life, not a lifetime of pleasure. When something clicks into place for awhile. And there is no staying there, no matter how tight we want to hold that moment. We must go to the next moment. And the next. We bring good things to share.

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    • You have given me cause to use one of those words, Nance.

      The exquisite beauty of your words takes my breath away.

      And this… ‘it is very much a matter of balance. Like the tide. Give and receive. Love.”

      No matter how dark the skies or bumpy the road, Love is always there, even when I can’t see it or feel it, it is always there.

      And that is a lifelong gift that keep giving as I receive.

      Thank you for this beautiful comment. I shall carry your words with me as I go into the next moment, and the next, sharing the good things.


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