Let us not forget

November 11.

A day of reflection. Of silence. Of remembering. Our shared humanity. Our shared planet. Our shared capacity to be both loving and violent. Full of possibility and death. Ripe with opportunity and tragedy.

It is a day to give thanks for the sacrifices of so many and to remember that their sacrifice was not so we could continue to kill and destroy life and harm one another.

Their sacrifice was so that we may continue to build better lives and live in peace.

Let us not forget.


6 thoughts on “Let us not forget

  1. Given 200,000 years of history, too many wars, too much death and destruction – and we are now such a sophisticated society, I have to wonder if the nature of man is to be in conflict or to be at peace. The wars to end all wars have not. The treaties to stop conflict have not. The NATO, UN, etc. groups do many things, but their primary purpose is peace, safety, cooperation, and ending wars. Granted, the world is safer, but as long as horrid weapons exist, we are also horribly in peril. Maybe it is like your lizard – something we can intellectually understand but are helpless to rid ourselves of; so maybe when we re-engineer the DNA/genome recipe, besides curing diseases, we could remove the conflict-gene, and install one made for peace.

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    • Oooohhh…. I think you’re onto something! Instead of investing billions in ever more powerful weapons of mass destruction… let’s create a peace-gene to replace the conflict-gene. Sigh… kind of like a peace-genie. .

      So true what you write Mark. Our lizard brains are hard-wired for watching out for danger — and the more we focus on danger, the more we see of danger. ❤ 😦


      • It’s not different than ‘the more we think about food’, the more we need food and eat. And, as you try to do, maybe the more we think about love, maybe we grow that too. What we think about expands, so between now and the time some A.I. powered bot can actually tweak our DNA, maybe we can get the politicians who send soldiers to war to think more about something positive (that rules out the economy, food supply, tax collecting, supply-chain, health care costs, viruses/vaxxxxxines, etc) … so maybe can get them to focus more on delicious food and sex and streaming-movies …

        War might not be stopped, so maybe the challenge for nations at peace to make peace better, make peacefulness = prosperity, happiness, fulfillment, long life and the men making missiles might lose their jobs because sales are down. But having said that, how do explain (or get rid off) leaders in North Korea, Moscow, Beijing, Venezuela, Sudan, Syria … etc.? …

        Maybe, if we focused our collective attention on this 364 more days each year rather on one that would be a start


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  2. They sacrificed their lives so we can live freely, speak freely, protest freely. At least that was the intent. Unfortunately not everyone enjoys these freedoms and may never. However, as long as there is hope for some form of dialogue amongst those in conflict, there is hope for peace, maybe. 🕊


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