The Beauty throughout the year

It is easy when I’m with my grandchildren to feel my heart breaking open wider and wider with each magical whisper of their voices, each lyrical laugh, each wide-eyed gaze they make.

Away from them, immersed in the mundane of daily living, I can sometimes forget that magic, wonder and awe are as present as the normal everyday things that fill my life.

It is in those moments of mundanity that I must pause, close my eyes, breathe and become present within the moment, present to the world around me, present with all that is within the moment.

All of it. The mundane. The exquisite. The superficial. The profound. All of it.

And when I do become present within it all, I awaken within the beauty and Love that is flowing constantly all around.

It is easy to forget. So much better to remember.

6 thoughts on “The Beauty throughout the year

  1. Children of all ages bring out the magic of wonderment at this time of the year – Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah or whatever one celebrates. It is their sheer joy, laughter and above all, their innocence that gives us all moments of peace and joy.

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    • I didn’t want to ‘like’ your comment JoAnne — but I did want you to know I read it and am sorry your feeling so not in the spirit. Sending you loving hugs and warm wishes for holiday spirit to come.


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