Gratitude. The shortest distance between two hearts.

I am sitting at my desk. Later than normal morning for me. But it’s the week between Christmas and New Years. A week where time seeps gracefully into the back seat of life unfurling in that liminal space between one year’s ending and a new one being born.

A week to breathe and be present.

To ease into each day without checking off lists and rushing towards a deadline where that jolly ole’ big guy in a red suit comes swooshing down chimneys all over the world to the delight of little girls and boys.

That week when pundits offer up reflections of the year past, and gurus provide sublimely simple (yet hard to attain) counsel on how help even the most recalcitrant of acolytes can set and keep New Year’s resolutions.

That week.

Amidst the clamour and the clatter, the stillness and the spaces between, I sit at my desk contemplating the misty view outside my window while inside, the scent of the cinnamon candle I received for Christmas fills the air with sweet aroma.

In front of me, the journal I gifted myself for Christmas sits waiting. I have made a commitment to write in it once a day, 365 days, like in a row as DK would say, for the next year.

I began early. My gratitude list for 2022.

At the top, a reconnection with a young woman very close to my heart. Life happenings. A horrific tragedy. Misunderstandings. Moving far away all took a toll on this relationship.

In 2022, she reached out and we are once again connected.

This is what tops my gratitude list for 2022.

The loss of my dear friend Andrew is also there. Not his leaving this world, but his legacy of friendship, loyalty, love. They are at the top of my list.

My beloved too. It’s been a challenging year for his health in particular. We are moving through it all. Not always with grace. But we are doing our best. As my niece said to me on an early morning call this morning, “You have to give them A for effort. That’s what matters most.”

She’s right. Perfection is just a state of mind that keeps me seeking something I cannot have or achieve – which ultimately will always leave me feeling dissatisfied/disgruntled with my life!

The fact is, my beloved will seldom remember to put the toilet paper roll with the paper coming off the top — but he will always replace the empty one. And while I know that sounds petty on my part, it is letting go of my need to have it one way (ok My Way) that creates space for both of us to revel in the field of gratitude without needing perfection as our benchmark.

And reveling without expectation of reward or outcome opens the portal to living in life’s field of joy every day.

Hope your day is full of joy and wonder, awe and mystery.

10 thoughts on “Gratitude. The shortest distance between two hearts.

  1. Gratitude – such a powerful word, concept. We all have something, someone in our lives to be grateful that IT, HE or SHE is part of our inner sanctum. Sometimes, out of the blue, we are stunned by a death, a betrayal, a situation that knocks us out of the safety of that inner sanctum. To be grateful for what remains is what keeps one strong and positive.
    On the lighter side, I am grateful, with just three days left in this less than auspicious year, that so far I have NOT heard anyone mention “a New Year’s resolution”! 🤞 I will make it through the next three days 😉

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    • LOL! I guess I’d better not tell you mine! 🙂 Just kidding. I made a resolution several years ago to not make any New Year’s resolutions. THus far, my resolution is strong! 🙂 🙂

      And yes, to be grateful for all that remains is vital and life-giving. ❤


  2. There is a lot that resonates with me. Well, except for the early morning journaling! But the unexpected and the expectations. Letting go of perfection and the perfect. Living in the moment with gratitude. And really, it’s toilet paper. Roll with it (pun intended). Hapoy new year. Bernie

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  3. Made me smile and pushed a tear in my eyes. We are so alike in many ways, dear kind friend.
    My mantra is: be thankful and empathic, show kindness and compassion. Try to understand (before judging, if you must judge). Forgive & forget.
    The many years in very different countries with so various and not always easy-to-get-along-with people and their views of life, the dramas and knock-outs, the joys and surprises – they all formed me to be a hopefully better person.
    I don‘t make any plans for a new year. Take every day as a gift, sometimes wrapped in an old crumpled newspaper, others in a classy gift paper…. Luckily being very flexible and easy going, nearly every day proves to be liveable!
    You are a beacon in my life. You create wonderful art which often leaves me breathless for a moment, you put words in your blog which I feel deeply too but could never express as well. You have a dog!!! Thank you for being a friend, albeit one I‘ll never hug in the ‚flesh‘ but who is very close to my heart and soul.
    Have a beautiful, rich (not in earthly kind…) and fulfilled New Year. Lots of love and a big virtual hug. A bone for Beau. Best wishes for health for your Beloved. And many contacts with your wonderful family who are far away in miles but close in spirit.

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    • Ahhh Kiki… maybe one day we will — hug in the flesh that is! 🙂 I dream. ❤

      I love this visual – Take every day as a gift, sometimes wrapped in an old crumpled newspaper, others in a classy gift paper…


      And Beaumont would take a visit from you any day, btw! 🙂

      I'm busy getting dinner ready for 16 tonight — C.C.s daughter is here — she was to have arrived on the 23rd but winter storms delayed her arrival until the 26th – which is on one lovely even better as her aunt and cousins can join in the festitivites! 🙂

      Much, much love to you dear Kiki. YOur thoughtful, kind ways always warm my heart and stir my imagination. ❤

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