Don’t Think. Just Do.

On December 28 I made a commitment to write in my journal every day. Whether one word or a page, I will write with a pen whatever is on my mind.

Last night, after spending the day disrobing the Christmas tree, putting away the season’s finery, and putting the house back in order, followed by an evening binge-watch of a series on my laptop, I realized I had not yet written in my journal.

“It’s too late to do it now,” the critter whispered in my ear. “Save it for tomorrow.”

My commitment to myself saved me.

The inner loving voice of wisdom whispered, “Write this… I deserve to believe in myself. To trust me. To honour my commitments to me. I deserve my self-respect.”

I wrote out the words 3 x — and went on to fill out the page with my thoughts.

It has been a long (long) time since I wrote consistently by hand in my journal. Reawakening the habit requires consistency – and commitment keeping.

Keeping commitments to myself creates a world of difference for me. It ignites feelings of self-respect and love. It creates a sense of honour, like I can depend upon myself to turn up for me.

In fact, I have been doodling away at a novel I began writing last year and haven’t gotten very far – mostly because of self-excuses that let me off the hook of turning up for me.

In my journal, I have drafted the outline for the book along with the first three chapters.

That is progress.

That is turning up for me.

What about you? What commitments to yourself have you not kept, or would like to keep but are putting off or avoiding altogether?

What are the stories you tell yourself about why you haven’t turned up in full living-colour within your own life?

If you have anything on your list, here’s my recommendation:

Don’t think about all the reasons why not. Just Do.

  • Don’t buy into your own excuses. Just Do
  • Stop thinking about why you don’t, or why you shouldn’t, or all the other why nots that clatter around your brain. Just Do.
  • Stop beating yourself up for not doing — Just Do.
  • And above all, love yourself by turning up for yourself in your hesitation, stalling, confusion, regrets, excuses — and Just Do.

Don’t think. Just Do.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Think. Just Do.

    • Thank you Nance. And yes, it is interesting – I am remembering the joy of feeling my hand move across the page. The sound of the nib of my pen against the paper. The unwinding of thoughts into words and images – it’s fun!


  1. All good until one falls off the Do wagon and starts down the dark tunnel. Then the self-loathing starts and then the tunnel gets tighter. I’m in a good spot right now but I know what that tunnel looks like whether it be weight or creativity or …. the list is endless.
    Good on you for going for it. Bernie

    Liked by 1 person

    • I almost fell off the wagon last night Bernie! LOL — some years it doesn’t take long – but, I again reminded myself, I deserve this, and found myself on the page.

      And that self-loathing is such a deadly space. I’m glad you’re in a good spot right now.

      PS – don’t get me started about ‘the weight’ – it is I think, my achilles heel.


      • How can we make ourselves more accountable for our weight. I just like food. I exercise a fair amount but obviously put more food in than I need. Plus I love to cook and bake so that doesn’t help. B


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