One Word. One Sun. One Moon.

The New Year is four sleeps old.

I have been waiting for ‘my one word’ to appear since before the calendar turned over.

This morning, in the stillness that comes before dawn, in the quiet of the dark holding onto the sky, it slipped in as gracefully as the river flowing past.


My One Word is FIERCENESS.

It is a scary word to me. To embody fierceness I must be not only fearless but strong and supple, committed and convicted of my path.

Fierceness reminds me that it is never too late to choose harmony, not discord. Peace, not war. It’s never too late to have a change of heart. Never too late to forgive. Never too late to let go.

And never too soon to choose Love.

To embody fierceness I must live within the moment allowing love to embrace my fears, whatever they may be.

My one word, “Fierceness” embodies the invitation to let go of fearfulness and stand strong of back, soft of heart, in Love with all humankind, all beings on this planet, sentient and insentient.

Fierceness calls for me to walk as one with this one whole world

Do you have One Word for 2023?

Please feel free to share it in the comments section below. Perhaps your word will inspire someone to hear theirs.


7 thoughts on “One Word. One Sun. One Moon.

  1. Elgie,

    FOCUS, focus, FOCUS, focus, FOCUS … well, you get the picture – that’s my word.

    Fierceness is an interesting word – a strong one.

    Reading your piece, I was reminded of a scene from Something’s Gotta Give; Jack Nicholson’s line to Diane Keaton, when he was describing her, akin to a strong woman in a painting, “You’re formidable”

    That f-word – fierceness – fits you well, too, in my view, as does fearless, fetching, frank, firm, fervor, faithful, fair, fun, funny, flirtatious, fallible, feisty, flamboyant, futuristic, a force of nature and sometimes effing impossible!

    You are also effing awesome – effing frustrating too, sometimes both at the same time.

    And last – but never least, FRIEND.

    There are so many effing f-words for you.


    p.s. … and watching the power of water, with or without the ice, is the force of nature personified – I was visiting friends in Inglewood over the holidays and saw some amazing build-ups from recent freeze/thaw fazes that will make spring horrendous down there if the city doesn’t do some ice-breaking

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    • What a lot of lovely ‘f’ words Mark — thank you. I am humbled and… my heart feels full.

      and lol re the being effing frustrating. I’ve been told that often in my life! 🙂

      And yes FRIEND is one of those words that never wears out.

      Focus is a good one for you btw. Seems very apropos to your times!

      Happy new year my friend!


  2. A bit late into the discussion. And 2023 is barely 6 days old!
    My word – TRUST. So much I do involves trusting myself and others including strangers.
    Without trust there is no basis, no foundation to build upon.
    Without trust the fear of the unknown will gnaw away at your subconscious mind until it no longer can contain itself and spills over into the real world.
    Without trust nations cannot form alliances, and chaos slowly starts to erode at tge bonds of peace.
    Without trust one stands on a precarious precipice of continual uncertainty.
    Without trust there is no love.


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