A Chilly Haiku

Ice cold, waters flow

winter drifts stealthily past

spring stirs and sleeps on

Winter’s icy grip holds me in its thrall. Ice clogs the river divided into two snowbound channels that flow in sluggish, selfish disregard of my desire for spring to arrive.

I watch… the river flow… the sun creep across the farside bank… mist rise and cars drive over the bridge as this giant ball we call our home keeps spinning through space on its journey around the sun, oblivious to the hands of time turning fast over calendar pages.

We humans create such angst for ourselves. Such trauma and grief.

I awake and scan the headlines on my phone. I open my Wordle App and feel some satisfaction in figuring it out in three guesses.

I’ll take the small wins on this ice-cold day. The tiny moves that bring me guilty pleasures and simple joys and remember, that even though it seems the Arctic air will hold us in its grip forever, this too shall pass.

All things do.

Spring shall come.

The snow will melt

And life will continue to move on despite our struggles to hold it still,, to change the past, to change the course of life’s rivers flowing.

This too shall pass.

It always does.

6 thoughts on “A Chilly Haiku

  1. Nice haiku. Almost set up for a tanka actually with how it felt transitory. Yes, winter will pass. I, for one, am not quite ready, so I’m OK for a month or so to feel inside is still the place to be.

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