What’s the Best That Could Happen?

There is a question that people often ask when faced with a decision, or the thought of doing something that feels… risky, and outside their comfort zone…

The question is, What’s the worst that can happen?

It’s a good question. As my father used to say, the worst that could happen if you ask for what you want is that they’ll say No. At least then, you have an answer.

But here’s the thing… what if the question isn’t ‘what the WORST that could happen, but rather, ‘What’s the BEST that could happen.

What if, in asking, what’s the BEST, we open the door to possibility? What if, in asking, what’s the best, we discover the inspiration to move forward, to claim what we desire, to create what we dream of, to become our true, uncensored, unlimited selves?

What if the invocation of possibility that comes with asking,What’s the BEST is the invitation to turn towards love.

Because when I think of What’s the WORST that can happen, it feels like I am stepping into fear. Turning into the darkness where my motivation to do something is dependent upon the level of fear I experience in the worst I imagine that can happen.

There is lightness in thinking about the BEST that can happen. There is the invitation to move into all that is possible when I step out of the darkness of fear to claim the light of love as my own light shining for all the world to see, I am here. I belong. I am.

A Friday Ponder….

13 thoughts on “What’s the Best That Could Happen?

  1. I like this approach. It enhances the power of positive thinking in the process and the creative juices will flow more readily. At least that is my theory!

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  2. That‘s funny. I only ever ask ‚what‘s the worst….‘ when I can (and do) follow it up immediately with what you said: Think of what is the best …. In that situation! Thinking alike, again.
    And also I only ever say that when it‘s quite obvious that ‚the worst‘ is not terribly bad…. Don‘t want to create uncertainty or fear.


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