Claiming Joyful Imperfection

In the work I do, I am very practiced at framing messages, diffusing difficult situations and creating space for minds to find new ways of exploring being in this world of many differences – people, opinions, situations and ways of being present.

I will never be perfect at what I do.

I’m grateful.

Grateful because, in seeking perfection in what I do, I live in my head and do everything disconnected from body, mind, spirit which in and of itself, prohibits the perfection I strive to achieve.

When I give myself permission to allow everything I do, and every situation and person I encounter to be an opportunity to practice becoming more accomplished and authentically me in what I do, I enter each moment with an open heart and mind, eager to be present to all that I encounter.

In that way, my confidence to be present grows and my ability to act as my most courageous and authentic self deepens.

Perhaps if I lived on a mountaintop, separate from the environment and the world of humankind, I’d be capable of achieving that lofty state of human perfection. But still, it would be only my ‘perfect’ being, not yours or anyone else’s. Which means, it wouldn’t be perfect to you.

Which is why I’m claiming my right to be perfectly imperfect in all my perfectly human ways and diving into the joy of being human practicing the art of learning to live and become my most loving, kind and creative self in everything I do.

Namaste ❤

10 thoughts on “Claiming Joyful Imperfection

  1. A continual practice of authentically being me in everywhere I show up, a sense of self confidence that blooms from that – these are such perfect reminders and promises to be me. I am a recovering in-the-head person ready to err from the heart now.

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  2. I love your messages Louise, when I am capable of reading them. I’m also so much happier since I’ve ingrained in my heart that perfection is NOT something to strive for as it makes
    1. the other person feel inadequate, and
    2. oneself barely supportable…
    I much, much prefer imperfect perfection…. I like myself a ton more since that decision.
    One also sees the effects on health ‘striving for perfection’ has… no good ones.

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