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And my soul is dancing


My ego is a mirror of the world around me
My heart is the mirror of my soul.

Those words floated into the silence of my mind this morning as I meditated.

I have drifted from my practice of opening my day with meditation. Left my path of centering myself in oneness to keep me grounded throughout the day.

I have begun again.

Day 5 of the Meditation Challenge created by Oprah and Deepak Chopra.

I missed yesterday. Got up late. Rushed through writing my blog. Rushed into my day. Forgot all about beginning in silence and stillness.

I begin again today.

Such a simple concept, to begin again, yet, sometimes, it seems so far away, so distant, so difficult. My critter mind wants to make up reasons why I need to go back to the beginning and begin all over. It likes to recite the litany of why not’s. —  I don’t have time to do it all, and what’s the point of doing any of it if I can’t do it all? It’s too hard. Too easy. Too stupid. Too whatever.

There are a thousand reasons why my mind would like me to believe I can’t.

My heart knows none of them are true. All of them are excuses.

My heart is the mirror of my soul.

It speaks of what is at the pure essence of my being. Light. Love. Joy. Truth.

It hears what is essential in my being here, on this planet, in this moment, right now. Connection. Community. Contribution.

It knows what is important to creating a life of wonder and awe,   Integrity. Honesty. Authenticity.

It wants for me to be who I am even when my ego would have me believe I am not. Essential. Evolved. Emergent.

It knows all. Sees all. Is all that I am when I live from my soul’s calling me to be the divine expression of Love’s amazing grace.

It is always who I am — even in those moments when I step away from embracing the truth of who I am because, it never ceases to exist — I am a radiant woman. I am a miracle of life, of love, of beauty. I am, as this morning’s mantra invokes, “Om Bhavam Namah” — I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.

I love that thought. It calls to me on this rain-soaked Friday morning. I am a field of all possibilities.

Within me exists the field of all possibilities. To access the field, all I have to do is breathe deeply into my essential being, and let the truth shine.

It’s all each of us has to do. Breathe in and embrace the truth of who we are. Breathe in and let Love awaken us to the beauty and awe and wonder of our absolute existence. Our field of all possibilities.

My heart is at ease this morning. My heart feels full of grace.

And my soul is dancing.

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe we each have the capacity to be the change we want to see in the world, to make a world of difference. I believe we are creative beings on the journey of our lifetimes. It's up to each of us to Live It Up and SHINE!

8 thoughts on “And my soul is dancing

  1. Elgie,

    Many years ago someone gave me Chopra’s ‘Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ which, among other things, suggests quiet time for meditation in the morning and evening. While I’ve never been a meditator, his 7 steps/strategies and advice to focus on one a day was very useful to me. I re-gifted my copy to someone who needed it. Or maybe I needed to be giving it???

    In any case, i’ve recently borrowed someone else’s copy so re-visiting his advice is on my mind.

    I think your revisiting something you know works for you is great – and a reminder to me to remember the strategies that work for me – which seems to be as important as developing new strategies for the things that don’t work . . .

    Happy weekend,



  2. You always inspire me, Louise.


  3. Dance on my friend! ❤


  4. What a lovely feeling for your soul to be dancing, I know it feels good as mine as danced from time to time


  5. The beginning in “silence and stillness” does work wonders for a calm and peaceful day.
    Thanks for the reminder to get myself back on that track.


  6. So wonderful what we hear and know in quiet union with the Truth!


  7. When my sister died after a long battle with MS I searched for a poem to include in the program for her service. I finally gave up searching and wrote what I believe she wanted said. The soul dances in many dimensions.

    My soul is dancing
    Like a feather floating
    On a gentle breeze
    I’m here and far away
    Doing exactly as I please

    Love is my light
    Radiating through formless shape
    And endless time
    I feel your love
    And send you mine

    So grieve your loss if you must
    But don’t feel sad for me
    My burden is done
    A heavenly journey begun
    With those who’ve welcomed me

    ~ S.M.


    • Thank you for sharing the beauty of your soul through the words you wrote for your sister, Sandy. Indeed, the soul does dance in many dimensions, and all of them are beautiful. Blessings to you.


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