Joy is always present.

photo (41)I have been creating. Painting and collaging and colouring in and scribbling thoughts and ideas on my art journal.

Over the weekend, I’ve finished creating the 6 keys themes of my journal:  Joy. Love. Gratitude. Create. Courage. Freedom.


The process of creation is one of mindful meditation, intuitive awareness and allowing the process to unfold. As I stood in the studio last night and looked at all six theme pages laid out, I was in awe of the process. From a blank piece of watercolour paper just over a week ago, to having six colourful and for me, meaningful theme pages completed is pretty amazing and a wonderful reminder of what can happen when I get out of my own way. Rather than look for reasons for it not to happen, I chose to let it happen. And it did.

The opening theme of the book is JOY. Last night, I painted the flip side of the Joy theme page and then, filled it in with thoughts and feelings about joy.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be completing the flip side of each page, and then binding the book together. My thought is that as I move forward I can continue to add theme pages, and/or, create a new book.

photo (35)We’ll see what the process unfolds!  In the meantime, being immersed in this experience is enlightening, fulfilling and peace-rendering. It moves me through a meditative state, embracing me in calmness and … joy.

Joy is always present.

Joy is not something we need to go looking for, to buy, or to uncover. Joy is always present and when we stop seeking it, joy finds us in the spaces where we let go of yearning and wanting and seeking to have and to be anything other than who we are.

Joy finds us in the breath between the worry and anxiety and fear and concern that robs us of peace of mind and harmony.

photo (40)Joy is always present. It’s in every moment, and when we release ourselves from struggling to be at one with the who, what, why and how of being our authentic selves, joy opens us up to the wonder and awe of being present within it.

And in that place, we find ourselves embraced in joy, loving the life we’ve always dreamed of, just the way we are.

13 thoughts on “Joy is always present.”

  1. So unique. I did artshows for over twenty years and you are so ready! But I see you in galleries or giving speeches and having your pieces displayed in the lobby.
    Did you tell me that you checked out I’ve sold things on there but I don’t work it like my daughter does. She prices things high $$ because she charges for her time like you would have to do!
    She spends a lot of time networking on there. She spends the kind of time on there like we do here. But she made more on Etsy last year than she did at all her art shows the prior year.


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