Choices Seminars: When hearts dance, souls stir

Art Journal Page 2 Sail Free
Art Journal Theme 2
Soul Free

Snow covers the ground, deep, white and pristine, tiny crystals shimmering beneath pools of incandescent street light.

Tree branches hang low, their branches sheltering the earth that lays silently in the dark night soon to awaken with the dawn.

We are in the depths of winter. Snow falls. Drifts. Blows. Swirls. Gusts.

People walk, heads bent low to protect eyes from needlepoint pricks of icy matter blowing into their faces. Children play, rolling balls of snow, bigger and bigger, creating snowmen and other creatures of winter joy.

It snowed all day yesterday. Weathermen cast warnings out into the airwaves, their words filled with harsh warning of treacherous roads. Drivers navigated slowly along snow-clogged streets, while pedestrians tread delicately over slippery sidewalks.

This morning, the storm has passed. The world is still. White. Silent.

It promises to be warm again. Above freezing.

Will the snow melt away? A TV reporter asks the weatherman.

No. It’s all in the angle of the sun, he tells her.  The sun is still too low. No matter the warmth of the air, we need the sun’s rays to melt the snow.

Like the snow, our hearts need bright rays of hope, cheerful thoughts, optimistic thinking to melt the walls we’ve built of hurts and pains and fears that have accumulated over the years of our human journey.

Like the snow waiting for the sun to rise higher in the sky, our hearts need our thoughts to find a different angle, a higher view to break through to our hearts.

I begin coaching in another Choices seminar tomorrow. I delve into the wonder and awe of being part of the miracles that happen every time people come together to experience the ‘what is possible’ when they let go of fear of the unknown and trust in the process of discovery that Choices represents.

The five days will begin as they always do. 80+ strangers will enter at noon, their minds filled with concern, their thoughts filled with fears of the unknown. They’ll be telling themselves stories about why they’re there, or why they don’t need to be there. They’ll be worried that someone will ask them to stand up, share a story about themselves, to speak up, to be seen. Some will be concerned that there’s nothing for them in the room. They’ll tell themselves they’re only their because, their mother, father, husband, wife, brother, sister, friend, boss, told them they had to be. They’ll sit in stony silence, waiting for the first break, the next one, and then the next.

And then slowly, as the journey inward lengthens, the light will begin to break through. Slowly, as the angle steepens, the warmth of the sun will penetrate as its rays grow stronger. With each moment passing, the dark winter of the soul will be unburdened. Light and warmth will permeate the air, hearts will break open and Love will shimmer on every breath. Defences will begin to melt, walls of self-protection will break down, and  it will no longer matter whether they stood up and shared, or sat quietly observing never once speaking out, the Love that fills the room will embrace them. And in Love, all things are possible. Dreams awaken. Hearts dance. Souls stir.

I am coaching at Choices this week. I won’t have much time for posting. I’m off to bask in the warmth of miracles unfolding in every breath, and hearts dancing with every ray of light breaking through the cracks. 

photo (42)I’m off to set my soul free.

It is the theme of the second page of my art journal. I finished both sides last night and share the joy of their creation with you here today.

See you on Monday.

Have a beautiful, heart-filled, soul stirring week! I know I will.



My heart is the mirror of my soul.
It is the pure essence of my being.
Light. Love. Joy. Truth.
My soul wants for me to be who I am
even when my ego would have me
believe I am not.
Essential. Evolved. Emergent.
My soul knows all. Sees all.
Is all that I am when I live
the grace of the divine expression
of Love that I am.

                         ©2014 Louise Gallagher

8 thoughts on “Choices Seminars: When hearts dance, souls stir”

  1. I just got up to let the cat out and debated on flipping on the furnace. We live near a lake about twelve miles out of town and have to have propane out there. What do you guys use? Whatever it is, it all is so expensive! But you paint a picture that makes me appreciate our 41○ this AM!
    I love your poetry. ♡


    1. Mostly we are natural gas — we have hot water heating so have this large boiler thingie that keeps us toasty and warm! I like your temperature too! Though it is going above freezing today so that’s lovely! Have a beautiful day.


  2. Good morning Louise. Just as you are off to coach I am back from coaching in Vancouver. Today is back to the reality of my everyday life after spending the last 5 days watching 22 trainees and 11 coaches change their lives. It was a great week for me. I uncovered 2 big tapes and in that, have a new understanding of a number of character defects I am exploring in Step 4. I am so thankful that I gave myself the gift of choices 15 years ago. Best investment I’ve ever made! Enjoy your week!

    I am a vulnerable woman, hugging others with my laughter and love, empowering myself and others to honour our gifts.


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