18 thoughts on “Ellie, the wonder pooch

  1. Dearest Louise, Ellie was not an ordinary dog as she was extraordinary and very special to you and to all of the family. She was with you through the darkest of times and felt your pain and sorrow and was always such a comfort and when you came through the darkness, she was there with her special gift of lovingness (not sure if that is an actual word but it seems appropriate). When we lost Winston, I asked Jim if he thought that dogs have souls. He reassured me that they do, as why else would they have been put on earth to be our companions. Ellie was so well loved and cared for and we hope that you, Charles, Liseanne, Alexis, Taylor and Mikaela find solace knowing that you were very special to Ellie. May she rest in peace with those four legged friends who have gone before her. Lots of love from your loving sister and brother-in-law. Jackie and Jim


  2. Thinking of you all as you go into a world without Ellie there. I am so grateful for the gift she was to you and raise a toast in honour of her life tonight. Love and hugs to you xx


  3. Oh Louise…I am so very sorry. I know what a close friend she was to you and I know your heart will always have a place that is designated just for her. I can feel your sadness and I wish to comfort you in some small way. I believe that our friends, especially the animal kind, will always be with us. You will even have moments when you see her…that will be her way of reminding you how much she loved you. Dearest Louise, I am sending you energy that will help you when you miss her. Blessitude to you and I pray for your broken heart, Lorrie


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