If not me, who? If not now, when?

 “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”  Karl Gustav Jung

Throughout my life, I have sought clear vision. An understanding of who I am, why I am the way I am, and what I can do to be the person I want to be, am meant to be.

Throughout my life, the journey inward has guided my heart into awakening to the truth that who I am meant to be is my most magnificent self. That being less than my human nature is to play into the voices of doubt who would have me believe I am small. I am inconsequential. I am unimportant.

We are all important. Every human being on this planet adds value. Adds context. Adds texture to the ebb and flow of our world around us. Like a butterfly fluttering its wings in Africa, every person gives and takes from our planet, creating a stir, however infinitesimal, where ever we go.

Everything is connected to everything. We live on a magnificent planet to which gravity connects us with invisible bonds. To sustain our presence on this earth we must gently and lovingly protect the world around us, celebrate its beauty and express our gratitude for its abundance in everything we do.

We live on a planet of beauty and majesty. We live amongst abundance. Our planet is magnificent. And we are the keepers of its treasures.

To save our planet, to preserve this earth that supports our lives, we must be clear on what we do to our planet everyday when we indulge ourselves with the belief, nothing is connected to anything, what I do doesn’t matter, someone else will take care of it.

We are all connected. And when we lean into that which connects, into its strengths, its wisdom, its shared experience of our human condition, we create more of what we want in the world based on what is best for ourselves, and for eachother.

In Africa, it is called “Ubuntu”. “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

What we do matters. How each of us behaves makes a difference. And if we don’t do something, who will?

We are the champions of our world, the creators of all that happens on this planet every day. We are the creators of war, the harbourers of injustice, the purveyors of hatred.

We are also the lovers, the story-tellers, the earth-movers and shakers. We are powerful beyond our greatest imaginings.

In my life, I have contributed to holes in the ozone, global warming, and a host of other ailments affecting this planet upon which I live.

Now is my time to stand upon mountain tops, to leap off cliffs into still waters and to courageously bridge the gaps that open up before me as I fearlessly look inward to my contributions to this planet and the world around me. It is time for me to acknowledge where I do not add value so that I can change my direction immediately. I have the power to change my world. I have the ability to ensure I step lightly and tread gently like a butterfly kiss upon my cheek.

We all do.

Let us make this our time. Let us each use our individual power to connect and create majesty, beauty, wonder, awe, and peace in the world around us. Let us each be butterfly wings gently creating ripples of love in all we do.

***Last week I mentioned that I had written about “Ubuntu”. Yesterday’s post and this one are two of the posts I previously wrote on the subject.  The video below is one I shared then as well — it is really beautiful.***

12 thoughts on “If not me, who? If not now, when?

  1. Elgie,

    A question for you. You write of ‘who I am meant to be’.

    I hold a different view. ‘who I choose to be’.

    Though fatalists and religious types might critique my method, I think I’m more right about this.

    If, there is some power wanting us to be ‘what/who we are meant to be’ … and if those forces of pure and kind and supportive of our individuality and need to find/follow purpose in our lives, shouldn’t it be simply ‘who I choose to be’ ?

    I’m of the belief it is all about our own choices – which is not to say other forces can’t take us in different directions (to which you can attest), but that in the end, and for any new beginning, I think it is choice, not chance. Choice, not ‘pre-determined’. Choice, not rigid. Choice, not expectations of anyone. Choice, only our expectations of ourselves.

    Glad to see you back writing daily …




    • I don’t think there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in your opinion Mark. there is simply your op. My op. someone else’s op — the gift is in creating space for each of us to hold true to what we believe, without making someone else wrong in the process.

      For me, the ‘who I am meant to be’ is always about living up to my magnificence, my greatness, my essential nature. My choices are what keep me from living the grace of who I am meant to be. I think my choices are what hold me back from being all of who I truly am, always have been, always will be and when I surrender fear, confusion, anxiety, self-doubt, self-criticism, limitations and all that stuff, I live the truth of who I am meant to be. Hugs 🙂


  2. I got shivers and goose bumps Louise. In the middle of washings and packing for my vacation tomorrow, I was rushing through my posts … and came to yours.
    Wow – thank you for slowing everything right down and bringing me home again.
    Tears and smiles.


  3. Thank you for the beautiful video. What a lovely way to start my day. Your thoughts on caring for the earth by being who we are meant to be bring deep reflection.


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