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Bliss is but a breath away


Definition of BLISS

:  complete happiness

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/bliss

Mixed media on watercolour paper Louise Gallagher 2014

Mixed media on watercolour paper
Louise Gallagher 2014

I have spent a lifetime attempting to pummel my world into shape. To beat into submission errant thoughts that would keep me from attaining everything I wanted in life. I have pushed and shoved and moved and huffed and puffed and railed and screamed and cried and yearned and done pretty well everything to get what I wanted.

And in my brute force attack of having the life I wanted, I lost the very thing I was searching for. Inner peace. Contentment. Bliss.

And no matter the gyrations of my being here, the universe kept turning. The world kept spinning.

The universe doesn’t care. It is.

The universe is everything and all. It resonates at the highest frequency, eternal. Ever-lasting.

It’s me, the mortal, the constantly searching, continually seeking, always looking for more, the perfect answer, the perfect vibration who creates the turmoil in my life. I am the emanation of the negative vibration. I am the one spelling out the myths of my lack on this material plane. I am the one holding me back from bliss, keeping me falling into dismay. I am the one who keeps me stepping out into discord, falling out of sync, tripping up, down and inside out in the universe.

And the universe keeps spinning. The universe doesn’t care. It just is.

And in its ‘just is’ness’ the universe waits for no one. It just keeps being.

So often, we step through life bemoaning its unfairness, deriding its inability to ‘get in line’, to turn up for us in a way other than the way it’s turning up. We tell ourselves it’s not supposed to be this way. It doesn’t make sense. We ask, ‘Why me?’. ‘Why can’t I…?’ ‘What’s the use?’ And then, we stumble through the darkness, searching for a way out of our confusion by keeping our eyes closed to the light.

Reality is, the universe doesn’t care how we turn up. It is always filled with all we want, all we need, all we desire — it isn’t waiting for us to awaken to the truth of our divinity, our beauty, our majesty. It already knows who we are. It already grasps our magnificence.

It’s job is to keep on about its business. To keep evolving. It doesn’t care if we awaken to its beauty, or not. It is simply being the Divine essence of all things, filled with limitless possibility of life eternal, life divinely beyond the earthly realm of our imaginings.

When I let go of caring about what other’s think, about the unfairness of the world, about the trials and tribulations of my daily existence, and tune into the divine essence of my being, I align myself with the wonders of the world around me. In my alignment, life takes on a rosy hue never before realized by me.

It isn’t about material possessions or having the biggest title ever imagined. It is about breathing into the inner peace that sees the beauty in this moment, living it up for all I’m worth without measuring what’s missing against the scale of all that I’ve achieved, or not.

The universe doesn’t care if I am Chief Pooh-bah of all things important, or Grunt Underdog of all things irrelevant. The universe is — it’s up to me to care enough about me to let go of striving to have it all ‘out there’ when all I ever need is here, inside of me, awaiting to awaken to the brilliance of my being at peace with who I am. In my acceptance of who I am is the gift of love for all of me in this moment. In love, I awaken to the truth that the world of my dreams is here, right now, waiting for me to awaken.

The universe is. My awakening to magnificence isn’t up to it. It’s up to me.

My dawning of bliss is but a breath away.

Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

18 thoughts on “Bliss is but a breath away

  1. Thank you for the breathtaking art and words in this post, Louise.


  2. LG,

    As I read your peace this morning … two things came to mind. The first, is acceptance – as in accepting things and people, and ourselves, as we are – and changing the only things we have the power to change: how we choose to see things and what we choose to do.

    The second, one of my favourite Anaiis Nin Quotes: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

    Have a great day,




    • One of my favourite Anais Nin Quotes too Mark!

      Hope your day is filled with bliss! I accept it’s possibility in mine. 🙂 (tee hee — I can be so funny! )


      • Louise,

        BUT … ‘what if’ … what if bliss wasn’t your goal? What if bliss was never the goal?

        Not that bliss isn’t desireable – it surey is – but isn’t it better achieved as a by-product of other things?

        Helping a client, holding a grandchild, cooking a great meal, hitting a great golf shot, doing a great deal or writing a splendid piece – they all give me a feeling of bliss, not because I was aiming at bliss, but because I was aiming at/doing those things.

        You still owe me a phone call!!



      • You ask Mark … ‘what if’ bliss wasn’t the goal?

        That is the point I’m making — the goal isn’t anything other than to be immersed in the doing of what I’m doing — without being attached to the outcome. To accept what is here, right now in front of me, to be, right here where I’m at, doing what I’m doing with all my attention and intention, without bemoaning why I’m doing what I’m doing this way, or that, or what this is here, not that….


    • Hello Mark. I replied to your second comment separately on Louise’s post. regards


  3. Love this … “it’s up to me to care enough about me to let go of striving to have it all ‘out there’ when all I ever need is here, inside of me…”. I’m not with Mark on this one. It is about the bliss. By having the ability to enter that state purposely, the possibility of creating, contributing, expressing, experiencing something magical becomes more real.


    • Hi ian — thanks as always for your cogent insights. I like this — that the possibility of creating, contributing, expressing, experiencing something magical becomes more real when I am purposeful in my movement into a state of bliss. I find this constantly with painting. When I ‘work it’, magic does not happen. When I purposefully allow myself to enter the space, to be part of the process and not the process, magic happens.


  4. A great post bliss is something so many people find hard to achieve not me I often feel blissful just saying but many don’t such as my sister Sue


  5. I thought I would chime in on this conversation with a little story of my own. As you are aware I have been though the turmoil of divorce. Every day in the beginning of the turmoil I would write down as my main aim ‘find peace’ or ‘bliss’ or ‘tranquility’. I did find peace for a while in the joys of today. Then early this year I read one of your posts Louise (I cannot find the exact one) and also saw you had changed your theme to ‘dare boldly’ and ‘inspiring acts of grace’. I thought to myself. ‘This is what my aim should be, not tranquility. I need to get out there and take action. I must DO’. So that was one of my ah-ha moments, reading a couple of your posts that resulted in a change in me – further on – of more contentment. So, I do think Mark is correct, that the goal to achieve something will help us find our bliss, although I also think Ian is correct, finding a sense of calm indeed can help us work out what that goal could be.


  6. Thank you Elizabeth! I am always in awe of your wisdom and your ability to see through the issue to the clarity at its core. All the great intentions in the world will have little value if I do not take action — the challenge is always to stay unattached to the outcomee. To allow for magic, I must let go of controlling what happens when I take action! A delicate balance for sure. I think it is that for me, I cannot ‘find’ peace or bliss or tranquility’ out there — out there I take action which gives me the grace to become the conduit of grace for them to appear. Hugs.


  7. Reblogged this on Not Just Sassy on the Inside and commented:
    One after another today i keep running into e-mails and blog posts that are germane to current stuff. This could be me she’s describing…


  8. This is out of my mind amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing, dear Louise. xo


  9. Ah, I can breathe. I don’t have to do anything! Thank you!


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