The antidote for sadness is joy

Let go of fear and hold onto Love Art Journal January 28, 2015
Let go of fear and hold onto Love
Art Journal
January 28, 2015

Life is filled with moments that bring us sadness and bring us joy. Which ever you choose to hold onto will be the memories that fill your heart. You have the power to stir your mind up with discord or create peace of mind.

There is only one antidote for sadness; joy.

Fill your heart and mind and soul with joy and set yourself free of pain. Let go of holding onto that which hurts you and hold onto only the the things that fill you up with lightness of being.

Let go of holding on to pain and fear and anger and hurt and give yourself the grace to live on the joyful side of life singing in the rain and dancing amongst the wildflowers.


13 thoughts on “The antidote for sadness is joy”

  1. Lovely words and your journal is gorgeous. I need to figure out how to get one.
    However, knowing parents who’ve lost children, I know that as much as they try to find joy… they feel guilty that they are. It’s a very hard path to recovery if ever even achieved.

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    1. Guilt is so debilitating! I hear you Lisa — it is so very sad and challenging in those circumstances to simply allow the pain, and joy, to flow.

      Lol re ‘getting’ an art journal. I bought mine — it’s a watercolor journal — at an art store, and then, I commit to create in it every day — I’m not as consistent as I desire, but I’m definitely working on it! 🙂

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  2. LG

    I agree – adding joy, in any form, to our lives is a good thing.

    Letting go of pain, of sadness; that’s a different matter. Letting go of things and people who hurt us, yes. Distancing ourselves from pain, hurt, tragedy and loss is for most people an arduous journey. Time helps. Help helps. Distance helps. And time softens those hurts.

    Having joys along the way makes the ride so much more pleasant.



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      1. I really appreciate knowing you, Louise – you are 100x more positive than I will ever be even though I have never been through the stuff you’ve been through growing up. I hope you know that even if I don’t read all of your posts and (omg the guilt! your beautiful daughter’s posts too – I just couldn’t keep up), you have touched my life and sometimes, when I look up into the sky, I see your smile. Thank you. Jxxx


      2. Like you Julie, I don’t read all of everyone’s posts I follow. And that’s okay. I pop in and say hello. Press Like. Let them know I’ve dropped by — just as you do. and in the process, I share the same latitude with them. I don’t expect them to read everything I write. I simply love having them drop by when they can and say hello. As you do. In our connection I know we are part of a beautiful circle of friendship, light and love — and that’s just the best to be encircled by! I am so grateful to know I have touched your life as you have touched mine. what a lovely circle of reciprocity we share! Much love to you beautiful Jules. Hugs

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    1. Thanks Mary — I think that’s why it’s so important that we live our truth everyday so we keep creating ripples of joy and love and awe and wonder in the world. When I read of your travels and see your photos I imagine all the beauty you share flowing out into the world creating more beauty and awe every where you go!


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