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Time Passes

Time Passes Art Journal Entry Mixed media on water colour paper

Time Passes
Art Journal Entry
Mixed media on water colour paper


The Art of Journalling: Start Here.

The photos above are three different paintings from my art journal. For  me, art journalling is an experimentation and exploration of thoughts and techniques. It’s about free-flow art-making that loosens up my creative muscles, leaving me free to express myself without fearing judgement, criticism or ‘getting it right’.

I art journal because it feels good.

I love how art journalling gives me space to create uncensored.

How to begin.

change-copyThere is no right nor wrong way to begin to art journal. There is only the way you choose.

To read the rest of the article on Art Journalling, please click HERE. It will take you to the complete article I posted on my website.

The Art of Journalling.

Happy Journalling!


Give your heart room to grow wild.

Art Journal Entry July 7, 2016 Mixed Media

Art Journal Entry
July 7, 2016
Mixed Media

Hearts do not grow strong locked within a box. They cannot fly free trapped within a cage.

Set your heart free to dance to its own wild tattoo. Let its earthy beat stir the depths of your desire to love deeply, live freely, give fearlessly.

Be wild at heart. Dig deep into the soul of your majestic essence.

Unlock the door. Throw the windows wide open and let your heart run wild in the wonder of your creative expression.

Give yourself time every day to give birth to what calls your heart to beat freely.

Unleash your creative spirit. Unhinge your creative expression. Dance. Paint. Laugh. Leap. Play. Sing. Howl. Stomp. Dive deep.

Let your heart grow wild in the joyful expression of your life lived boldly beyond the limits of your imagination.



Take me to the edge of reason

Journal entry Feb 8, 2015

Journal entry
Feb 8, 2015 She never imagined she could fly until one day she decided to believe in herself.

I awoke early this morning. Sleep slipped away as I listened to the dark of night sounds outside the open window beside me. In the far distance, a truck lumbered along the highway, the road wet hum of its engine tugging at my mind, urging me to leave the place where I lay to journey out into the night.

I resisted.

I lay in bed, yearning for sleep, seeking its soft, pillowy comfort.

My yearning was in vain. Sleep evaded me.

I got up. Came to the office and in a newsletter from Spiritual Directions, read a poem by Susie Tierney, that began with the line, “God, take me to the edge of reason”.

Where is the edge of reason, I wondered? And how do I find it? Do I need to? What happens when I do? Will I recognize it when I do or will I simply keep pushing into it thinking the answers lie beyond its edge? Am I willing to live the question of not knowing where the edge of reason exists without having to go and find it?

Good questions for an early morning wonder.

My fingers began to move across the keyboard. Consonants met vowels. Words crept onto the page.

I let the words flow free. There was no need to train them, or urge them into making sense. They had their own mind, their own desire to form into being without my insistence I knew the answer to their meaning or that they do it in any particular way.

Take me to the edge of reason, and let me fall, laughing, into the chaos of my thinking I know the way.
How can I know the way when I must trust the way will appear with each step I take?

Take me to the edge of reason, and let me leap, light as air, into the nothing that is all the courage I need to be fearless.
How can I step free when I hold onto my fear of being vulnerable?

Take me to the edge of reason, and let me float, effortlessly, upon the waters of life flowing in every direction.
How can I know peace when I am holding back and resisting my soul’s calling to let go and be present?

There is no edge and no reason, to what happens when I allow the process to be the way.

There is simply the way becoming the path to seeing what can happen when I get out of the way of making it happen.

When I get out of the way, the way appears.

May you live your day balanced effortlessly on the contradictions and harmony of living full of life beyond the edge of reason.



Be determined as a dandelion

Change copy

Journal entry Feb 3, 2015 Watercolor, acrylic, pen

Changing the world is a big job. Changing yourself even bigger. Especially when the change within is not cosmetic, but entails focusing on fundamental core issues like letting go of past hurts and pains, being present, courageous, or finding value in all things.

Change is possible. In fact, change is here to stay. Accept that and it becomes easier to recognize, nothing stays the same, even us. We are creatures of change. From the moment we are conceived, we are constantly changing, growing, evolving.

Yet, even though change is inevitable, we resist and in our resistance, lose the grace that a dandelion possesses naturally.

For change to be graceful, act like a dandelion. Be determined, committed, stalwart. Be rooted deeply into the earth beneath your feet and be willing to let yourself fly to pieces. Surrender your resistance to letting go of who you are and allow the winds of change to blow you in every direction while holding true to the essence of your nature to continually grow and evolve into who you truly are.

A dandelion has to fight for its life. We humans are constantly trying to kill it off because we’ve deemed it a weed, and weeds are not welcome in our gardens. The dandelion doesn’t care what we think. It grows up through the cracks, along sidewalk edges and in the very heart of the garden.

A dandelion believes in itself and its right to be exactly who it is.

For today, be the dandelion.

Let yourself flow freely with the world around you while never losing your sense of self firmly planted in the grounds of your belief that who you are is not a weed. Who you are is a beautiful, inspiring, enchanting vision of ethereal grace continually changing into a bright vibrant flower of life over-flowing the boundaries of your limiting belief, you cannot change.

You can. You are. You do. Continually.

Let go of resistance and make your change a graceful choice to be present in the moment of what is, free to become all that you ever dreamed of possible in your life.



The antidote for sadness is joy

Let go of fear and hold onto Love Art Journal January 28, 2015

Let go of fear and hold onto Love
Art Journal
January 28, 2015

Life is filled with moments that bring us sadness and bring us joy. Which ever you choose to hold onto will be the memories that fill your heart. You have the power to stir your mind up with discord or create peace of mind.

There is only one antidote for sadness; joy.

Fill your heart and mind and soul with joy and set yourself free of pain. Let go of holding onto that which hurts you and hold onto only the the things that fill you up with lightness of being.

Let go of holding on to pain and fear and anger and hurt and give yourself the grace to live on the joyful side of life singing in the rain and dancing amongst the wildflowers.



The complete expression of me, myself and I.

Soul Dance Art Journal - Watercolour

Soul Dance
Art Journal – Watercolour

In meditation yesterday, a thought scampered through my mind. (I know. Meditation is about no thoughts but there it was!)  It wasn’t so much a thought as an image with the idea of my soul dance and what it knows.

On a comment to Di yesterday, I wrote what I thought the words were and then, last night, I let them find their true expression through painting them.

My soul knows the dance of life is a return to Love.

It is what I love most about the creative process. It is holistic. Organic. Self-fulfilling. It arises out of the quiet to find its expression in ideas and words and images. It is the complete expression of me, myself and I.