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Take me to the edge of reason


Journal entry Feb 8, 2015

Journal entry
Feb 8, 2015 She never imagined she could fly until one day she decided to believe in herself.

I awoke early this morning. Sleep slipped away as I listened to the dark of night sounds outside the open window beside me. In the far distance, a truck lumbered along the highway, the road wet hum of its engine tugging at my mind, urging me to leave the place where I lay to journey out into the night.

I resisted.

I lay in bed, yearning for sleep, seeking its soft, pillowy comfort.

My yearning was in vain. Sleep evaded me.

I got up. Came to the office and in a newsletter from Spiritual Directions, read a poem by Susie Tierney, that began with the line, “God, take me to the edge of reason”.

Where is the edge of reason, I wondered? And how do I find it? Do I need to? What happens when I do? Will I recognize it when I do or will I simply keep pushing into it thinking the answers lie beyond its edge? Am I willing to live the question of not knowing where the edge of reason exists without having to go and find it?

Good questions for an early morning wonder.

My fingers began to move across the keyboard. Consonants met vowels. Words crept onto the page.

I let the words flow free. There was no need to train them, or urge them into making sense. They had their own mind, their own desire to form into being without my insistence I knew the answer to their meaning or that they do it in any particular way.

Take me to the edge of reason, and let me fall, laughing, into the chaos of my thinking I know the way.
How can I know the way when I must trust the way will appear with each step I take?

Take me to the edge of reason, and let me leap, light as air, into the nothing that is all the courage I need to be fearless.
How can I step free when I hold onto my fear of being vulnerable?

Take me to the edge of reason, and let me float, effortlessly, upon the waters of life flowing in every direction.
How can I know peace when I am holding back and resisting my soul’s calling to let go and be present?

There is no edge and no reason, to what happens when I allow the process to be the way.

There is simply the way becoming the path to seeing what can happen when I get out of the way of making it happen.

When I get out of the way, the way appears.

May you live your day balanced effortlessly on the contradictions and harmony of living full of life beyond the edge of reason.


Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

21 thoughts on “Take me to the edge of reason

  1. LG

    Seems your non-conscious had a mind of its own this morning. It always knows better.

    It woke you. Spoke to you.

    And you spoke to us.

    I don’t thing the ‘edge of reason’ as you’ve described it is some precipice of danger. It could be the first step of a new staircase …

    Or the beginning of a new chapter.

    What I take from those words is the non-conscious offering you direction and courage.

    I wonder what direction that will take you …

    Have a great day – you’ve certainly got an early start!



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  2. Lots to take in and absorb here, Louise thanks for your brilliance!

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  3. Beautiful Louise! Everything…your journal entry (I love it!!) Your pondering…your words…your truth!!! Yes… ❤

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  4. Lovely words for my morning.

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  5. oh friend, this was delicious.
    take me to the edge of reason….that will resonate
    all day. writing it down and tucking away in my heart
    to hold close and marinate.
    thanks for this.
    thanks for all that is you:)

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  6. The edge of a reason; a place where I either panic or trust as you say. ❤ Thanks for reminding me to trust Louise.
    Diana xo

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  7. ‘Edges’ can be scary places to be because, to me, it seems you can easily fall down either side of the edge.

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  8. Oh my goodness this was so bloody beautiful

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  9. Beautiful and Insightful…Thank you

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