Surrender — The Ultimate Un-guide. Release. Let go. Breathe.

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I want to defend. To be loud and clear so that everyone knows, I know that. I know what surrender means. And then I want to show you with my words how smart I am to know that.

I release. I let go. I breathe.

I want to explain. To give you all I know about surrender, how I learnt it, what it means to me.

I release. I let go. I breathe.

I observe.

Oh, look at me. Defending. Getting all defensive when I think people think I don’t know. Getting all engaged when I hear things I know I know.


Surrender is all I know and all I don’t know.

What do I know?

To surrender means not to defend. Not to stand up against. Not to stand up for.

It means to simply be present. To allow. To accept. To stand still within the liminal ground between forces. Bordering ideas. Thoughts. Feelings. Energy…

It’s not just about the battle for, or the battle against. It is about being effortless in the space between.

It’s not about indifference. It’s about accepting there is a difference. A different way. A different path. A knowing.

And the difference is okay. And to live the difference I must let go of living in what I know.

But how can I live beyond what I know if I don’t know what I don’t know?

Now that’s a koan of epic proportions.

And then, I find this waiting for me in my Inbox.

Be still. Stop struggling.
Enter the holy shrine of your heart, and there find peace and joy.
You have always been perfect and you will always be perfect.
There’s absolutely nothing you have to delete or add.~ Robert Adams ~
There is nothing to struggle against. Nothing to fight for. Nothing to surrender. Or hold onto.
There is only this place where I am still. Where I stop struggling. Where I enter the holy shrine of my heart.
I release. I let go. I surrender.
I wrote a new poem yesterday.  I followed a link from Lorrie Bowden’s beautiful post, We All Return and was inspired by the words of Michael at Embracing Forever. He writes in his poem Who’s Counting Anyway 

Try this:
pretend we’re turtles,
and all of existence our shell.
Every time… every place…
Realize it is all
a most intimate form
of protection.

And I tried it and found myself surrendering to the intimacy of our shared existence. “It is for Forever that we were built,” writes Michael on his ABOUT page. In allowing his words to sink in, the words for We are born forever flowed freely.


14 thoughts on “Surrender — The Ultimate Un-guide. Release. Let go. Breathe.”

  1. LG,

    I am reminded about a story .. two boys, one got a gift-horse, the other just got a shovel.

    As the second one was happily shoveling in the barnyard, going deeper and deeper – he said, ‘with all this horse shit, their has to be a pony down here somewhere’

    Keep diggin’ deeper … there’s a pony down there.

    You are doing fine – nice post.



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  2. I know that I don’t know love. I know that surrender in that respect has not served me well. I don’t know you very well, but I know that you know what you mean by surrender. And you are a believer in love. I’m observing a journey. It’s interesting because it’s different than mine. I know what I don’t know. Sometimes I seek to learn. And often I don’t, so I have to keep seeking.

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    1. I understand the seeking Kerri — it parallels my journey. For me, seeking is part of the allowing — to not stand in absolutes. To allow all. It is always a seeking balance for me. My head so wants to see the black and the white — and to make it right or wrong. My heart knows the difference. Hugs.

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  3. Ah! Louise. I am dealing with something right now that I have to take care of. In the process of “waiting” I read your post. I am so filled with love and I am so grateful, for though I am not completely certain of the depth of the connection, and I don’t have the ability to dive in this moment… I KNOW that something miraculous is happening. There is power in the whole of this!! Much love my friend…Thank you for including me 😉 ♡♡♡

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    1. Ah Lorrie! Your presence is part of the whole of that ‘something miraculous happening’. I love that you talk about the not being certain of the depth of the connection — and allow that to be what is present, without having to define the absolute value. That is for me, so much of what this is — an allowing without naming. Much love to you too dear friend. Thank you for travelling with me. ❤

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  4. Great reminders. For me the hardest part is staying mindful of that perfect space in the heart. I forget over and over and then remember to let go of all that stuff out there and go back in. You’re explaining it wonderfully.

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