Beyond purpose, what are you here to give?

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The question slipped through the cracks of my mind, deepening into the silence of my meditation. “Beyond purpose, what are you here to give?”

“Your whole heart,” soul whispered. “Give whole-heartedly and you will be living into your purpose.”

It is not a thing, this giving whole-heartedly. It is a way of being.

Purpose is not something to be on, or off. It is something to live and breathe into. To live within.

And my heart breathed deeply into the elegant simplicity of knowing. I am living my purpose when I engage whole-heartedly with life, fearlessly shining my light for all the world to see, there is light beyond darkness, hope beyond despair, love beyond fear.

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Source: Sojourners Path talesfromtheconspiratum

In the third segment of the Choices program that I coach in, trainees spend the Sunday delving into their Purpose, crafting the words for their own personal statement of what they do in the world, naturally, intuitively, effortlessly.

Sometimes, people ask, “What if I don’t have a purpose?” or, “How do I know what my purpose is?” or some other question that speaks to our learned-fear of not being here on earth for a reason beyond, we’re here taking up space; and then we’re gone.

I love the purpose process at Choices. It is an engaging, loving, and whole-hearted exploration of the small, and large, significances each person creates in their life, every single day, often without thinking. Diving into the purpose process, trainees are often surprised to discover, they have been living the expression of their purpose all their life. It isn’t necessarily something grand like ‘make world peace’ or ‘find a cure for (name the disease or social cause or issue). It is in fact, every small thing they do that expands their heart-felt living into the mystery and wonder of feeling alive and passionately engaged with living life through their own unique expression.

Purpose is about all areas of our life, even though people sometimes want to limit their purpose statement to just one group, like children, or just one area of their life, like music. Once they explore all the ways they express themselves through living their purpose, they inevitably discover

How you do one thing is how you do all things. What you do for one, you do for all.

Each of us will have passions, areas where we completely, totally engage our entire beings in the fulfillment of some idea or dream of what the world would look like if…. we ended poverty, had world peace, treated every creature, big and small, with kindness and respect…

Purpose isn’t about proselytizing ‘the mission’. It’s about our way of being in the world. Aligned and integrated with the deepest expression of our heart’s desire to live beyond the comfort zone of playing small or quietly. It’s about shining our own, individual and unique light, as brightly as we can.

And in our brilliance, inspiring everyone around us to shine theirs, so that everyone they meet will shine theirs and so on and so on until all around the world, we are shining so brightly not war, not hatred, not anger nor fear can overshadow our light.

Mind asked, “Beyond purpose, what are you here to give?”

Soul answered, “Your whole heart.”


8 thoughts on “Beyond purpose, what are you here to give?”

  1. LG

    do you see what I see?

    your purpose is more complexified than that, would you not agree?

    your purpose is to change the world

    you have, you are, and you continue to be

    you are 0% destination focused, 100% journey focused – and because you are, you can see the side-roads, detours, alternatives and choice-points better than most who, because they are destination focused, do not stop to smell the roses because they are flying by so fast they don’t take time to see that there are roses – and hearts, and minds passing by them every minute of every day

    keep on, your journey is an open-book exam we all get to see, watching over your shoulder to see what you see ..


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  2. I feel like maybe losing my job at the nursing home is a good thing in that now I can visit people there free of the constraints of being an employee forced to do activities with people with dementia who don’t understand the activities. It has been a massive battle of wits between the manager and myself re my visiting rights (with her insistence on family permission etc.) but I seem to have won and now that I’ve recovered from being treated so harshly by the management, and have had a face-to-face with the managers, I am calming down. The freedom of being able to visit these beautiful elderly people and, instead of playing bingo, just having a conversation and a hug, is wonderful. The simplicity of this seems to be my purpose at the moment and, since I am there anyway every day, seeing Anthony (well most days!) it is a very easy thing to visit other people. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement and inspiration, Louise xx

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    1. OH Julie! What a gift you are — the people you share your loving presence with must feel such relief and ease in your presence! How wonderful to have ‘won’ in such a beautiful and loving way for others too! many hugs!

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