Beyond purpose, what are you here to give?

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The question slipped through the cracks of my mind, deepening into the silence of my meditation. “Beyond purpose, what are you here to give?”

“Your whole heart,” soul whispered. “Give whole-heartedly and you will be living into your purpose.”

It is not a thing, this giving whole-heartedly. It is a way of being.

Purpose is not something to be on, or off. It is something to live and breathe into. To live within.

And my heart breathed deeply into the elegant simplicity of knowing. I am living my purpose when I engage whole-heartedly with life, fearlessly shining my light for all the world to see, there is light beyond darkness, hope beyond despair, love beyond fear.

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Source: Sojourners Path talesfromtheconspiratum

In the third segment of the Choices program that I coach in, trainees spend the Sunday delving into their Purpose, crafting the words for their own personal statement of what they do in the world, naturally, intuitively, effortlessly.

Sometimes, people ask, “What if I don’t have a purpose?” or, “How do I know what my purpose is?” or some other question that speaks to our learned-fear of not being here on earth for a reason beyond, we’re here taking up space; and then we’re gone.

I love the purpose process at Choices. It is an engaging, loving, and whole-hearted exploration of the small, and large, significances each person creates in their life, every single day, often without thinking. Diving into the purpose process, trainees are often surprised to discover, they have been living the expression of their purpose all their life. It isn’t necessarily something grand like ‘make world peace’ or ‘find a cure for (name the disease or social cause or issue). It is in fact, every small thing they do that expands their heart-felt living into the mystery and wonder of feeling alive and passionately engaged with living life through their own unique expression.

Purpose is about all areas of our life, even though people sometimes want to limit their purpose statement to just one group, like children, or just one area of their life, like music. Once they explore all the ways they express themselves through living their purpose, they inevitably discover

How you do one thing is how you do all things. What you do for one, you do for all.

Each of us will have passions, areas where we completely, totally engage our entire beings in the fulfillment of some idea or dream of what the world would look like if…. we ended poverty, had world peace, treated every creature, big and small, with kindness and respect…

Purpose isn’t about proselytizing ‘the mission’. It’s about our way of being in the world. Aligned and integrated with the deepest expression of our heart’s desire to live beyond the comfort zone of playing small or quietly. It’s about shining our own, individual and unique light, as brightly as we can.

And in our brilliance, inspiring everyone around us to shine theirs, so that everyone they meet will shine theirs and so on and so on until all around the world, we are shining so brightly not war, not hatred, not anger nor fear can overshadow our light.

Mind asked, “Beyond purpose, what are you here to give?”

Soul answered, “Your whole heart.”


The world is a different place today. What a blessing.

There is truth in everything. But not all things are true. It is not true that we are born for no reason, and no matter how much we fear we do not have a purpose in life, it is not true.  Everyone of us has a role to play on this earth. Everyone of us has a purpose.

Mark Twain wrote

“The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.”

Yesterday I was blessed to be present as 67 people found their ‘why’. Yesterday I sat in a room filled with the excited voices of  67 people exploring their hearts in order to find the words to express their purpose in a simple, succinct statement that has meaning for them.

They delved into the times that they felt special or important. They tread gently into those spaces where they found value in making a difference. They shared their small significances, their big differences. They shared stories of lives they’ve touched, of moments that moved them deeply, of instances where they felt on purpose, on course, present and accountable for their journey in life and their impact on others. And as they sat with their coaches and shared their memories of those times, the room came alive with our human condition expressing itself in the wonder and awe of the significance and magnificence that each of us contributes naturally and effortlessly to the world through all that we do and every action we take that creates a difference for others.

In the Purpose Room at Choices we tell trainees that our purpose was written on our hearts when we were born. We all make a difference and we all express it in different ways. Our purpose is visible in the little acts of kindness we share, and the big acts of significance we create.

Our purpose is not ego-centric. It is heart specific. It is defined by what lays in our hearts, what rests easily in our spirits, what expresses itself naturally through our being present, every moment of every day.

Our purpose is felt in the smiles we share. The hands we warm. The bellies we feed. Our purpose is felt everywhere, known through everything we do.

For some it is expressed through their capacity to touch hearts, minds, spirits. For others, to create joy, love unconditionally, accept completely. For some, it is found in their capacity to guide, to inspire, to motivate, to lead, to help, to illuminate, to empower, to propel.

We all have an action word connected to our purpose and we all have values we uphold in the actions we take to live it.

I was blessed yesterday. 67 people sat in small circles with their coaches and shared the stories of their lives that illuminated the path for them to find the words that have been written on their hearts since they were born. And in their truth, I stood in the brilliance of our shared human condition and felt the power of our being human radiating throughout the room. In their truth coming alive through acknowledging and claiming their purpose, I felt the true capacity of each and everyone of us to make a difference in this world.

And I am in awe. I am grateful. Because I know that this morning, setting out into the world, there are 67 more people living on purpose with passion and love, with joy and conviction. I know there are 67 people doing their best, giving their all as they consciously set out to make this world a different, more loving, accepting, joyful and compassionate place for all of us.

The world is a different place today. What a blessing.