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Living the whole shebang


This morning’s TUT — A Note From the Universe, made me smile:

“Every once in a while, with gaps in time that stretch for eons, someone like you comes along who instinctively trusts their inner senses more than their physical senses, the unseen more than the seen, and whose life-insights are so piercing that they unwittingly blow the entire model of spiritual evolution to smithereens.

“Gabriel, did you register Louise Gallagher’s epiphany yesterday? Raise expectations on all human beings another 72 gigatrons, and tell not a soul.”

How do you do that?
The Universe”

It was this line in particular that got me,  “instinctively trusts their inner senses more than their physical senses”.

I find it fascinating how one line can make so much sense to me, even if I’ve heard it before, or considered it in the past and thought, “Hmmm… that makes sense. I’ll have to think about it.”

And then, an email lands in my Inbox, or I read a line somewhere or hear someone say something and it’s as if I’ve just suddenly awoken from a long nap and found the truth glaring at me in the brilliance of the sun’s light beaming down on a hot summer’s day. A truth I was blinded to because, well I just wasn’t sitting at the right angle to see beyond the sun’s glare or maybe had my attention focused somewhere else, or on someone else, and wasn’t paying attention. And then it hits me. “Oh, that’s why I am how I am in the world!”

There was a time when I didn’t trust that deep, stirring within. That quiet voice whispering truths from my soul into my mind, guiding me intuitively into being present in the world, right now, this way I am. There was a time when I didn’t trust it and rather than give into it, I fought it.

And my life was fraught with messiness. My being full of insecurities. My essence filled with anxiety.

In those days, my smile was a shield, my eyes a mirror of whomever and whatever I encountered. I used my thinking like a weapon designed to fend off any interloping thoughts that threatened to undermine whatever piece of mind I was clinging to in my efforts to feel safe, secure and like I belonged.

I had moments of happiness. Moments of joy. Moments of feeling complete, part of a greater whole, part of a world where I belonged simply because I am here.

I had moments of ‘feeling it’. I did not have complete ‘knowing of it’. Complete surrender to it.

Life is a process of taking one step after another. It is a journey of discovery. Some of it we spend in the darkness. Some we share in the light. All of the journey makes the whole thing an adventure worth living in the knowing of our true essence, our true selves, our true magnificence in this world of wonder.

meditation masters

Source: Zen Flash

We can turn up in life fearful of our magnificence, continually kicking and pushing against our true essence. We can push back, pull back, pull out of living wild and free in the ecstasy of being who we are in this moment, right now. We often do.

It doesn’t change who we are. It simply impacts how we are travelling this journey of life.

Our essence is the whole shebang. When we give into the wonder and beauty of our soul’s radiant joy shining in this moment right now, no matter how bright, dim or shadowed we feel in this moment, we come fully alive. When we surrender to the wonder of being who we are, how we are in this world, right now, we become the truth of our being human; we are capable of great kindness, compassion, humanity, love. It is the essence of our human condition.

And all we’ve got to do to experience the whole shebang is surrender. Just open our eyes and hearts and whole beings to the knowing, who we know ourselves to be right now, is just a tiny portion of our fullness in the universe, and WOW!  Aren’t we amazing just the way we are!

And so it is.




Author: Louise Gallagher

I believe in wonder. I believe we are all magnificent beings of divine beauty. I believe we can make a difference in this world, through every act, word, thought. I believe we create ripples with everything we do and say and want to inspire everyone to use their ripple to create a better world for everyone. I'm grateful you're here.

12 thoughts on “Living the whole shebang

  1. Great post Louise! I got same TUT too and loved it! Great minds shine on! ♥


  2. Perfect words for today. Thanks!


  3. it seems sexist to me .. that something should be called a SHEbang … but I suppose HEbang or PERSONbang just wouldn’t roll of the tongue as well

    have a happy whole SHEBANG day!


  4. I love the light that shines from your soul!! Thank you for sharing your beauty ❤ ❤ Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Great post and I LOVE that quote from Lao Tzu


  6. Hi Louise…Thanks for sharing your writing with us…Wishing you days of Gentle winds—Soft curves and Wonder! Phil


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