Choose love over fear. Always

Aligned with peace in thought and word and deed, I align with my true self. Placing faith in my true self, I radiate peace.

My awakening thoughts reflect the disquiet of my mind. “I wonder if there will be a new atrocity to learn about this morning?” leaps into my thinking as I awaken.

I fear.

I fear for the world’s condition. For humanity’s sake. For the safety and well-being of all I love.

I fear unseen, unknown faces stalking the night. I fear unseen, unknown hands plotting, somewhere in the world,  discord, pain, grief, terror.

I fear.

I must choose love over fear.

I must not allow fear to dictate my actions. I must not let fear consume my being present in this world of wonder and awe.

I breathe. Deeply. And acknowledge what is true.

Fear is present.

So is love. So is joy. So is possibility. So is community. So is hope. So is peace.

Fear is present. I embrace my fear with loving kindness. I embrace it with compassion. Hope. Belief in all humanity. Belief in the goodness of all humankind.

I embrace my fear and set myself free of its dark tentacles seeking tenure in my thoughts.

I breathe love into my fear and dispel the clouds of its desire to unsettle my belief in all I am capable of, all I am when I let go of fear and choose love.

I cannot find peace by staying at the level of my discord. I must seek peace at the level of the solution.

I choose Love over fear. Always.

And in that choice I find myself breathing deeply into my belief that when align through peace within me and have faith in my true self, I am the peace I want to create in the world around me.

Aligned with my true self,  peace finds its way through Love.

And so it is.


13 thoughts on “Choose love over fear. Always”

  1. It is such a delicate balance right now, the teetering between love and fear. We must feel them both, allow them both, but in our souls, we know that love wins. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us all to never give up.

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