intimacy = In-to-me-see

I am off to coach at Choices today. Off for five days of being immersed in the wonder and awe of our human condition. Of watching spirits lighten, hearts break open and eyes shine bright in the truth of their magnificence reflected in the eyes of everyone around them.

I am grateful.

Not only do I get to be part of the miracles unfolding on every breath, at Choices, I get to be myself and see myself. I get to ‘in to me see’.

In the safe and lovingly supportive environment of the Choices room, I am free to examine my own self-defeating games, my own tapes, my own mis-steps, missed directions, missed opportunities to shine without fearing that I will be judged or condemned for my human condition.

And in every ‘in to me see’ look I take, I get to say as composer and inspirational human being, Benjamin Zander promotes, “Wow. Aren’t I fascinating!” I get to throw up my hands and laugh at myself and see how absolutely fascinating it is that I can; do that, or believe that, or feel that or think… now is forever, or, I’m not enough, or, I’m so hopeless, or I am the victim or any other critter thought that creeps in when I am feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, under valued or just plain old stressed out!

I have been feeling stressed out lately. Feeling like my plate is so full I might need to throw it in the air and let it fall where ever it will and in its falling, run away and hide until all the pieces settle.

Yup. Definitely fascinating.

Which is why I am grateful.

In the Choices room, I remember my inherently magnificent human condition. The one I’m born with. The one we all share.

And in my remembering, I let go of my fear, I will never be enough, do enough, have enough. I let go of my fear of being me, in all my wild and wacky, inexplicably fascinating human condition.

In my letting go of fear, I remember, I am magnificent! Just like you.

See you next week — in the interim, if you haven’t watched Benjamin Zander’s inspiring Ted Talk… here it is…

9 thoughts on “intimacy = In-to-me-see

  1. Wishing you a wonderful weekend/five days! I recognize what you are describing here… as I have now ourselves, allows us to dig deep within, so that we may then help and coach others in the same way. The chance to delve within is such a gift, and the chance to share that experience with others is an even greater gift. Sending you lots of love and light as you soak up the power of you and the power of humanity. xoxo

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