Share joyfully | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 3

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Last week’s invitation to Inspiring Acts of Grace, “Give someone a gift of words” was challenging. It’s wonderful to tell people the things I like most about them in any given moment — it’s another to remember to do so!

Here’s the thing though, I could have done more giving of gifts of words, if I’d just remembered to do so.

Like, when talking to my sister, I could have remembered to tell her how much I appreciate how she took our mother to the hearing aid clinic on Friday — and how I appreciate all she does to ensure our mother is cared for and supported.

Or, when talking to my eldest daughter, I could have told her how I value her feedback and admire her ability to create inspiring words on her blog. (If you haven’t been reading her blog, give yourself the gift of her words. Amazing!  Find her here:  Alexis Marie Ink )

Or, with my youngest daughter, I could have remembered to tell her how I admire how committed she is to give back to community with the work she does as a board member for a local not for profit (I also appreciate being asked to give feedback on a project she’s developing for them).

Or, with C.C., my beloved, when he made me dinner, how I appreciate the efforts he takes to make my life easier.

Or, with the waitress at the Wildrose Pub when we went for lunch one day, how her warm smile made me feel very welcome.

Or, with my lovely friend Sherry who acquired one of my paintings and then promptly had her husband hang it in their living room, how I appreciate the affirmation her desire to have one of my paintings hanging in a place of honour in her home feels. Same holds true for my dear friend Kerry who is now the owner of the painting I’m using for my Inspiring Acts of Grace weekly blog posts. I love the feeling that my work is ‘coveted’ by others. It truly inspires me.

So many missed opportunities to give gifts of words last week!  And while I did give some, in retrospect I can see how not being conscious of the act of giving gifts of words, impeded my giving of those gifts!

NOTE TO SELF:  Stay conscious of sharing inspiring acts of grace in my every day living.

Which is why, this week’s Act of Grace is similar to last weeks.

Practice makes perfect.

Have a wonderful week.



5 thoughts on “Share joyfully | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 3

  1. “It takes no special talent to find out what is imperfect in someone… ” Do you validate?

    Thanks for the validation Mark! Brilliant.

    And in sharing that link, you reminded me of one of my favourite short films which I haven’t thought of in a long time — Validation.

    You made a difference in my morning today. Thanks!


  2. Thanks for your kind words Louise. I am always so thankful that I am able to help Mom and the fact that she is 93 going on 94 and still with us, is a blessing. Your loving sister, Jackie


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