Are you feeding your dreams daily?

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When I am in the studio, splashing paint and throwing colour onto a blank canvas or journal page, I feel free. Alive. Like a child dancing in a mud puddle. I don’t think about ‘the outcome’. I don’t focus on ‘the process’ or how paint smeared my fingers are or how splattered and unkept my apron looks. I simply do. And in my doing, I trust in the process and trust whatever the outcome, it will be a reflection of my creative expression.

And I am never disappointed.

When I am ‘in’the world out there’, that grown-up space beyond my child-infused wonder of creating, that place where obligations and duty and responsibilities seem at times to be weighing me down, it is all too easy to forget about the abandon of the child. It takes but a blink of my eyes, a slip of my attention to let go of the willingness of the little girl to simply be present in whatever I am doing without fearing outcomes and measurements, balancing acts and bank balances.

My dream is to be ‘in the world out there’ as I am in the studio. Free. Uninhibited. Honest and present, part of the flow of whatever appears before me. Fearless in my pursuit of my dream of giving voice to what is calling itself into creation from within my heart.

And so, I come back to the studio, again and again, to connect with the wonder and awe of my creative expression so that I am reminded, again and again, that I can create ‘in the world out there’, as I am in the studio.

That is my dream. To nurture and nourish my creative expressions into becoming a reflection of my life lived in a garden of life filled beauty and love.

What dreams are calling you? What are you doing to fill the garden of your life with the beauty and wonder and awe of your dreams?



9 thoughts on “Are you feeding your dreams daily?”

  1. methinks you sell yourself short

    that world out there – your ‘community’ of people you touch are canvas

    you are wet paint

    a little bit of you gets brushed across everyone you touch

    don’t be shy – get more on them than you do on your canvas, splatter their shoes with some speckled Louise

    use a brush …. or hit them with the roller

    no drop cloth required, no masking tape needed … keep painting

    in your case I think ‘paint by numbers’ is how you might track how many people you impact

    every day

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  2. ohhhh, i feel this to the bottom of my being:)
    i love that dance you describe – the easy breath of making and expressing that isn’t meant
    for show or share but simply sung, like a child, on a free and whimsical breeze:)
    makes me want to pull out my crayons and make some happy, messy art!
    thanks for this sweet inspire,

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  3. What wonderful comments. I believe I needed this reminder from you, Louise. I have started a mixed media piece that I was trying to fit into a form. It was taking the joy from the process. So I have read your words and realize it was the freedom of my inner child that I was placing into a box of what the outcome would be. I am inspired.


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