The road ahead is full of possibilities


The quote above was generated by an FB app (

I don’t know a lot about algorithms or binary code, or anything technical for that matter, but, the appropriateness of this quote generated by technical wizardry just for me is pretty inspiring!

As 2017 inches closer on the calendar, I am getting ready to turn another page in my work-a-day world. C.C. and I have talked at length of what it means for me to retire, to leave the office-by-day world to become an office-at-home inhabitant. What it means for us to have me let go of the demands of an intense and fulfilling role in the homeless-serving sector for the more insecure/unpredictable world of freelance/consulting work I want to take on.

Because believe, I’m not ready to retire. I’m just ready to try something new.

Looking at this next stage of my life, I realize there are a lot of things that could go wrong. And at 63 those ‘wrongs’ can appear to be more daunting than the rights.

If I let them.

If I let the wrongs determine my direction, I will never find my right step.

I don’t have a firm date for leaving the “Official Workforce”. I just know, I’m ready. Ready to try on a new hat. New path. New direction.

At the foundation where I work, I’ve hired a new Manager specifically with the vision of his being able to take on the role I fill. He’s talented. Creative and extremely competent. I know he will do well.

Which leaves me in the wonderful position of being able to look objectively at my timeline, without worrying about the gaps I’m leaving I’m leaving behind!

I am ready to spread my wings beyond the world of homelessness. I am ready to explore the world of possibility that is always present, always calling me to step into and start living if I do as my dear friend Kerry Parson’s at the Essential U is coaching me to do, let myself fly free!

Who knows how high I’ll soar?

Who knows what road I’ll explore?

And as long as I don’t focus on ‘the wrongs’, as long as I get clear on my intent, the possibilities are limited only by how much time, effort and passion I put into my next adventure.

So thank you FB app. I don’t know how you generate these things, but thank you for instilling in my world a quote that inspires hope, possibility and light.

Stay tuned. It’s going to be an exciting ride!




11 thoughts on “The road ahead is full of possibilities

  1. well … whether or not the ride is exciting, the most important part (just my opinion) is that it is your ride. We, meaning the collective we, lament what we would do ‘if only we could’ because we see issues of income requirements, financial and other obligations preventing or restricting that freedom. You, as much if not more than anyone, realize what great strides and come from zero resources – so the issue is not one a financial safety net but rather of a ‘Louise trying the high-wire without a net’. Go ahead, leap. You don’t need a net. If you don’t find the perfect fit or route immediately, try another. Try another. Keep doing what you want to do until you don’t want to do it any longer. Then try another. And another …. you get the picture

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  2. leaping can happen in many ways – doesn’t have to be off a cliff downward. It can be up a staircase two-steps per stride, or leaping at chances, from lily pad to lily pad. The physical leaps are easy to imagine, to do and to track. Leaps of the mind – harder to see, impossible to measure with tools, and extraordinary when DARED BOLDLY!


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