In all ways, be compassionate | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 39


In a meeting at work, a superior tells you they don’t like the way you handled a situation.

Do you:

  1. Tell them they’re wrong, make excuses for what you did, refuse to take ownership
  2. Run away to hide in the washroom until everyone has gone home
  3. Invite them to tell you more so you can understand better what their concerns are

The item you’ve chosen to buy at the grocery store doesn’t have a code on it (you happen to have chosen the one that doesn’t). The teller at the check-out doesn’t know the code (it’s not a common everyday item but hey, they sell it, the clerk should know it). They check their book, can’t find it. Ask the teller next to them but they’re too busy to respond. Finally, they pick up the phone and call the office for an answer (after checking the book again). All of this takes precious moments, maybe even five whole minutes.

Do you:

  1. Verbally rip them a new one making sure you think they are incompetent as well as the store because the item should have had a code sticker on it in the first place
  2. Stand at the checkout drumming your fingers on the counter, sighing deeply as you do everything you can to make sure they know you are not happy about waiting, including turning to the person next in line, rolling your eyes and commenting how it’s hard to find good help these days
  3. Smile supportively at the clerk, ask if you can run back to the section where you bought the item and get another one that has the code on it and tell them it’s okay, you appreciate their efforts to find the right code

How you respond in any given situation doesn’t just impact the quality of your day, it also impacts everyone around you. Choosing to act through compassionate care and loving kindness creates more compassion and loving kindness in the world.

While it might momentarily feel ‘better to vent’, in the long view, venting only creates more hot air, more distance between you and others and most importantly, more distance between you and your heart.

In all things, choose compassion and your world will become more compassionate.


Every week since April 4, 2016, I have been sharing an Act of Grace.
They are designed to help you create harmony and peace in your life.
To explore all the Acts of Grace I have shared to date, click HERE.



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