Stop indulging in the big questions.

I like divinity cards. Decks of inspirational cards that give advice, inspiration, ideas on living life in the now.

I have several different decks to pull from and most mornings, I randomly choose a deck, pull a card and use it as my meditation guide.

img_0887Today’s card, pulled from The Artist’s Way Creativity Cards by Julia Cameron, is titled, Daily Action.

When I first read it, I made myself laugh. I thought it read — Take one small daily action instead of indulging in the big operations.

Upon second read, I realized my mistake.

Take one small daily action instead of indulging in the big questions.

Oh. Questions!

And then I had to laugh again at the little Freudian action I had going on.

I have been stuck in avoiding taking action on a couple of things because I’ve been indulging in big question asking.

Like, what is the purpose of making art if I don’t have a plan for marketing it?  Which, when I dig even deeper gets into that whole indulgent quagmire of ‘if a tree falls in the woods and nobody’s there does it make a sound?’

And that is a big question that can suck all the life out of leaning into creativity, revelling in the full expression of being alive!

Being creative is at the essence of our humanity. We are by nature creative expressions of life. Every one of the 7+billion humans on this earth is a unique creative expression of the human form. No two people have the same DNA, same fingerprints, same biometrics.

We are all unique — which to me is the ultimate creative expression.

When I create, throw paint on canvas, words to paper or let them flow through  my keyboard, I am letting my unique creative expression of life have its way, my way.

Indulging in the big questions simply inhibits my process of self-expression and thus, limits my expression of my life. It keeps me spinning around unanswerable questions (like the tree falling in the woods scenario) and thus, keeps me from taking action.

Without taking action, one step at a time, one act at a time, we become stagnant, trapped in the swamp of fear, confusion, worry, negative-fortune telling and a whole host of other messy  habits that continually drain us of our life force.

Be a force of life on the wild and exuberant side of your self-expression. Let go of indulging in the big questions and focus instead on asking yourself, “What’s one thing I can do right now that will bring me closer to the ‘more’ of what I want in life. What’s one action I can take, right now, that will express my passion for being alive?”

And then do it.




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