Are you a slave to reaction?

Just when you think the universe is sleeping on the job, it turns up. But then, the universe never sleeps. It’s just we humans sometimes shut down our senses and quit feeling its presence.

Yesterday’s divinity card was one of those, remember Louise, you are 100% accountable for your life. You are the one who can take action. You are the one who chooses not to when you don’t.

inactionToday, I pulled out a mini, 3″ x 3″, book my daughters gave me some time ago, The Goddess Within, and opened it to a random page.  I had to laugh all over again at the universe’s sense of humour, and timing.

Okay. Okay. I get it!

To be a slave to inaction is to live a life devoid of intellectual and spiritual stimulus. It means that creativity lies fallow, joy seeps out through every crack and peace flows ever onward missing the shores of where you live.

It is so easy to give into reaction. To say, I’m too tired today. Let me take the path of least resistance. Let me go ‘with the flow’, when it’s not the flow of life’s energy you’re going with but rather, the ennui of apathy. It has you in firmly in its grip and is pulling you deeper and deeper into living life on the shallow side of reacting to everything that happens from the darkness of believing in the impossibility of taking action that makes a difference.

The universe doesn’t really care if you take action or not. It just keeps humming along, doing its evolutionary thing, regardless of whether you get on board with its invitations to create, live large, be your most magnificent self, or not.

The universe has no expectations of your being brilliant, divine, magnificent. It already believes you are.

The doubt comes from within each of us. The fear of taking action, of being 100% engaged in the process of creating a life worth living out loud, is all ours.

So, ask yourself, “What am I a slave to?” and then, emancipate yourself. Give into the impulse to fight for your freedom and set yourself free of reacting to life so you can live your life fighting every day for your right to live fierce and true to the magnificence of your being you.

And then watch the miracles happen!

8 thoughts on “Are you a slave to reaction?

  1. yes, as you say “The universe doesn’t really care if you take action or not.” And, what is worse, most actions of people – however grandiose – won’t change the world. The trick is to have beating within us a desire to change something small. Important, but small. And when we’ve changed that, when we’ve proven we can, step up to something more challenging. And, when we’ve proven again that we can, step up again. And again. And again. Incrementally we change the world just as wide shallow rivers erode canyons over time but doing a little bit every day … and keeping it up for a long time. And while the universe may not care, people will. People do. They are the only ones who do. The rocks and trees and critters just go about their evolutionary business – leaving the revolutionary to us …

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