How Do you Change the World?



I love to ask the question, “If you were setting off to change the world, where would you start?”

“I’d start with passion,” a friend once replied to that question. “Always start with passion.”

Someone else once replied,  “I know what I’m passionate about. I know where my passion wants to lead me. I just don’t know how to get there”

Follow. Follow your passion. Whenever you are faced with a choice, a decision or an opportunity, follow your passion. The rest will fall into place.Passion.

 In Isabel Allende’s 2008 Ted Talks speech, Tales of Passion, she says that passion lives in the heart and heart is what drives us and determines our fate.
The driver of great deeds. The driver of great people.
As humans, we are born great of heart. We all possess a greatness of being just the way we are. As we expand and move into being all we are when fear dressed up as hatred, racism, discrimination, intolerance and a whole host of characteristics we express when we move through fear, does not hold us down, our inherent greatness shines through. In our drive to dig deep into our hearts, to fuel the passion of our creative spirits, we change — ourselves and the world.
 And who could ask for a better world than that? A world of passion, driven with heart, filled with the desire to be the most amazing we can be. And in that desire to be our best, we will create a world of the best around us.
When I was 23, I believed I could change the world. I just didn’t know how to do it.
Now, I know that to be the change I want to see in the world, to create more love, joy, truth, kindness, caring… I must be passionate about living this one precious and awesome life in the passion of being loving, joyful, truthful, kind, caring.

“How can I change the world?” you ask.

Begin with yourself and let your heart lead the way.
Begin with being the most passionate person you can be, doing what you are most passionate about, what you love to do.
We can all do that.

And, to change the world, to make it a better place for everyone, we must all do that. Follow our passions and express our greatness in everything we do, in every way we can so that all the world can see that change is possible when we let go of our fear of never being enough and live passionately into our greatness of being human.

4 thoughts on “How Do you Change the World?

  1. yes, yes, agreed …. all nice thoughts

    but doesn’t it first begin with a problem to solve?

    some situation to make better, someone to lift or save, some ailment to cure or simplification that will make someone’s, or everyone’s, life better …

    then, with some idea in mind, with the end in mind, we can put our passion to work and our shoulder to the wheel

    my two cents,


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