Do you trust yourself?

Who do you trust (3)Do you trust yourself?

Do you trust your intuition? Your capacity to discern and know and respond in ways that are honouring and reflective of your values, principles, beliefs?

Do you listen to that inner voice that says, “That doesn’t make sense.” or, “That doesn’t feel right/good.” And then choose appropriate action that honours your own wisdom?

Do you listen to yourself?

Recently, a friend and I were talking about a situation she is involved in where she feels uncertain, not heard, not listened to, not trusted or trusting.

“Are you listening to yourself, deep within where you know what is the right thing for you to do?” I asked.

“That’s the challenge,” she answered. “I keep fighting what I know.”

We all do it.

Know something inside our bodies, in a ‘deeper than a thinking way’. Call it gut instinct. Inner voice. Tingly sensation. Butterflies.

Whatever you call it, it isn’t about the words in our heads, it’s about the deeper than a thinking way we know what is the right thing for us to do, or that a situation is just not sitting well with us. It’s that place where we ‘sense’ something or someone is not telling the truth, not being forthright, is lying or deceiving or simply acting confused and thus, not being true to who they are, making everything they say and do questionable.

It isn’t what they are doing that makes the difference.

It’s what we do with our knowing in a deeper way the truth of what is happening, that makes a difference in our lives.

Years ago, when I was released by the police from a relationship that was killing me, people kept asking me, “How will you ever trust a man again?”

“It isn’t about trusting another,” I told them. “It’s about learning to trust myself. Learning to listen to my inner voice when it whispers the truth I know be true for me, in a deeper than a feeling way.”

And then taking loving action.

Sometimes, that loving action means saying good-bye. Sometimes, it means diving in.

Always, it means trusting myself to know I have the courage and the wisdom to do what is right for me with loving kindness.

And then, doing it.

Do you trust yourself?

Are you listening when your heart, your belly, your body speak?



8 thoughts on “Do you trust yourself?

  1. This is a good reminder to me, to wait before I speak/act out my ‘righteous’ anger. Until a few years ago, I was too wimpy to speak up about my a couple of in-laws who were making my life hell (or I was letting them do that?) I decided a few months ago to make myself wait a day or so before reacting. On the other hand, there is that manager at the nursing home who I would like to ….

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  2. Thanks for this. It’s causing me to wonder about all the ways I do trust myself and the ways I don’t. I feel like it comes down to which “self” am I listening to…or which part. Believing the “self” is my conventional mind instead of my intuitive spirit. This post has helped me took a look at that…Thanks, again. I’m writing a blog about when my intuitive self has spoken……as a way to know this part more deeply!


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