Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is the foundation of joy. It is the bedrock upon which we build our hearts calling. It awakens us to our natural way of being in the world free of greed, selfishness and self-centeredness. It is our way to hear and acknowledge our deepest yearnings for peace, harmony and grace.

Gratitude opens us up to receiving love. It propels us to step fearlessly into the waters of life untethered to the need to have more, be more, get more.

Gratitude is essential to finding ourselves at home in our hearts.

When I begin my morning with statements of all that I am grateful for… I open myself up to gratitude’s inherent power living within me. In gratitude, I become richer, fuller, more balanced and grounded in every way of my being present.

I am grateful for everyone in my life, those who will share a meal around our dining room table tonight, to our beautiful friends Kerry and Howard who hosted us last night, to my eldest daughter and my son-in-love and their unborn child, to family and friends far and wide, to those of you who come here to visit and read and comment and share your light.

I am grateful.

May you gather together at the millions of tables to be set this weekend and remember the love that binds us is stronger than the differences that separate. May we each be surrounded by family and friends sharing joy, love, laughter and above all thankfulness for the ties that bind so strongly.

Happy Thanksgiving! (Canada!)

13 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Elgie,

    I’m not around a feast table this weekend (but had a great table last Thursday – oy … I have a story to tell you) but in years past when we gathered in a group, I used to ask everyone – going around the table – to tell what they are grateful for this year. Early stumbles, but by the time we would get half-way around the table, the juices were flowing and people were far more forthcoming.

    Which begs the question: what am I grateful for this year?

    I’ve turned some corners in ‘personal growth’, feeling like some events and come collisions with some spectacular people are making me better. I’ve met some people I ‘just know’ will be around in my life for a long time to come – and I’m richer for it. I’ve adopted a longer term view on just about everything. I’m getting the last monkey off my back. I’m re-starting a stalled dream. I’ve met a spectacular woman who won’t have me …. not yet anyway, but I’ll not give up, not because I’m stubborn or don’t give up easily. Sometimes I give up very easily, but this time – it’s going to a superb struggle and we’ll both be better for it. I’m grateful for Oct. 5th and perfect execution of a plan, I’m grateful for life, for my family and most of all a ‘groundbreaking call from my estranged daughter on Oct. 4th … so, as years go, as thanksgivings go … I have so much to be grateful for

    ask the question at your table – the answers will amaze you ..

    Happy turkey-day


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    • I too have done that at the table Mark — and it is always wonderful to hear the responses.

      This year I created questions to put inside the placecards I made for the table — 8 questions so there are two of each. We’ll go around the table and each person will answer the question in their placecard holder. We’re 16 at the table so I’m very much looking forward to the answers!

      What’s one thing you’re grateful for what happened this past year?

      What’s one thing you appreciate about the person sitting on your right?

      Name someone you’re grateful is in your life and tell us why.

      What do you give thanks for today?

      Name 3 things about yourself that you are grateful for.

      If you could thank one historical person, who would it be and what would you thank them for?

      Name ten things in your life for which you are grateful.

      Name ten people in your life for whom you are grateful.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you! ❤


  2. Thank you Louise for such a thought provoking piece. The older one gets the more grateful one becomes for the simpler things – sun setting on the mirror like surface of the lake, the chirp of a chickadee, the innocent laughter of a child, the silence as we contemplate life, the hug of a loved one. Your questions take that simplicity one yearns for to a higher level of interest.
    Be grateful for what you have, for the love and kindness of family and friends around you. So many have so little or nothing to look forward to.

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    • Thank you Iwona! As I sat looking at the beautiful faces around the table, I thought of the countless dinners we’ve had in this home — and my heart felt full of love, joy, peace, gratitude. This was our last Thanksgiving in this house — it was a wonderful way to celebrate it — especially knowing that all of you were sitting at a table in the east doing the same thing. How lovely is that! ❤


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