Daily Intention: Oct 25 — Live this day.

My eldest daughter and I have been working on our presentation for Circles of Hope.

It is hard, this going back into memory to dredge through the sands of time, seeking the moments we want to share.

There was so much hurt. Pain. Grief. Loss. Sorrow.

It can be tempting to stay there. To lose myself in the darkness of what was then as I travel those dank corridors where I lost myself in the throes of searching for my happily-ever-after.

And I remind myself…

That was then.

This is now.

In the now, my life is a beautiful tapestry of love and meaning, purpose and intention. Friends and family. Gatherings and walks with Beaumont in the autumn evening witnessing the sun’s beautiful departure.

In the now, there is only Love.

It is in the love I choose to live. It is in this moment, right now, I find myself quietly awakening to another day filled with possibility, hope, joy, laughter, friendship, Love.

I choose today.

I choose to cherish this moment right now, because in this moment when I choose to live my best life, I do not need to fear the past will repeat itself or worry about tomorrow’s limitations. In the now, I am free to revel in the beauty and wonder of being exactly where I am, how I am right now.

Such a blessed day!



4 thoughts on “Daily Intention: Oct 25 — Live this day.

  1. Being in the moment can sometimes be hard for me. It’s not that I’m looking at the past, but the next moment and what I should be doing. I am getting better at this though.


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