When “Me Too” is no longer needed. Thank you Oprah Winfrey

If you haven’t watched it yet, the video of Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech at the Golden Globes last night is… well, it’s golden!

She is always articulate and courageous but last night, she shone!  Her words and passion spoke not just to all the women and men in the audience and watching on TV, but to all the little girls out there who have dreams to pursue. Referencing the “Me Too” movement, she spoke about how the mis-use of power by a few has impacted the many — but No More.

No More.

As Oprah says, “A new day is on the horizon. And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women…. and some pretty phenomenal men…  fighting hard to take us to a time when nobody has to say, ‘Me Too’, again.”

I’m counting on that day where my ‘Me Too’ is silenced not because of abuse or fear or tyranny, but because it is no longer needed.

I am counting on being one of those who is fighting hard to awaken our human condition to its magnificence so that we no longer push down or hide from the ugly stories of our past but see that those stories are not our ‘truth’. They are simply the story of the long and winding road we took to get here where the truth is, we are all magnificent.

I am counting on looking back at that road and not being bowed or discouraged by the human cost, but rather, celebrating the magnificence of those who had the courage to stand up and say, ‘Me Too’ because in their voices, we were all inspired to stand up and claim our right to be free of abuse and sexual assault and discrimination and a host of other human ills that costs our humanity so much.

I am counting on standing on that road in the light of our human potential shining brightly in the truth — We are all One. One humanity. One planet. One human condition. There is no ‘us and them’. There is only us.

I am counting on being one of those who speaks truth so that others find their courage to speak theirs. And in our truth-speaking, we create a world where everyone, no matter the colour of their skin, the pew or carpet or earth upon which they kneel, their postal code or size of their bank account, their education, their mental health or physical capabilities is free to live without fearing the brutality of someone else’s truth limiting their capacity to pursue their dreams.

I am counting on being part of the story of our humanity awakening to its true magnificence.

What about you?

12 thoughts on “When “Me Too” is no longer needed. Thank you Oprah Winfrey

  1. L,

    Great column. Yes, her delivery was superb. So was the speech-writing … remarkably similar to another person from Chicago who had great speech writers.

    No doubt she could get votes, but does she have the skills to govern?

    She is force for good – and her speech won’t be forgotten soon, but in the great scheme hers is but one voice. What is missing so far in the #metoo world are the voices of men, in numbers, supporting women and making the same case. That utopian world is called feminism – and we’re sadly far from it. But edging closer.


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  2. Why, oh why, in 2018 “we” still need the likes of a celebrity like Oprah Winfrey or the BBC’s Carrie Gracie, to speak for the masses!? To get out a message that really should be considered common sense, whatever. Centuries of behaviourial inequality and testosterone-driven “entitlement” will not be done away with overnight. Where are the men who support the women in their valiant attempts to make that change that we all know MUST happen? I am not convinced that Seth Meyers’ attempt in using comedic references was completely appropriate. It allowed those present to have a “chuckle” about a very serious, troublesome issue that affects so many. Perhaps an opening statement of a few well-chosen sincere comments would have made a more poignant impact before addressing the “elephant that was not in the room.”

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  3. Thank you Louise for your Magnificence, and Truth, shining brightly. Sending good wishes that your rich voice and artistic expression illuminate love and light for all to behold.

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  4. Didn’t see it but I just got chills reading this. Speaking up has created positive collective power. I anticipate a few more big waves which will likely dredge up some ugly stuff hiding in the closets of other powerful groups. I look forward to our continued, collective healing and freedom.

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