In fear, Love is also present

In the midst of darkness, do you see the light?

In the midst of anger, do you let your temper spew out in harsh, hurtful words?

In the midst of fear, do you close your eyes and cower in the darkness?

It is easy to forget our humanity in difficult times.

Yet, no matter the times, when we shine our light on our humanity, despair, anger, fear are not the only things present, so too is hope, compassion, Love.

It is in the face of darkness, we must not lose sight of hope. Hope let’s the light in.

In the throes of anger, we must never lose touch with our humanity and our capacity to be compassionate. Compassion connects us to what is real and true in our shared human condition.

In the grips of fear, we must never forget, Love is always present. Love is the path to building a world of peace.

For today, practice being conscious of all that is present in every moment. When you feel despair descending, remind yourself, hope is also present.

When you feel anger rising, acknowledge that compassion is standing beside it.

In the thrall of fear consuming you, let Love be your companion, your light, your answer. Always.


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