What if the path before you is blessed?

Several years ago, I took a course in which course moderator and Abbess of Abbey of the Arts, Christine Valters Paintner, asked, “What if I truly believed the path before me was blessed?”

And the muse within me answered without hesitation — There would be no misstep. I would trust in this moment right now. I would believe in the beauty of this moment right now and see the perfection of each step, in darkness and light.

It was a scary thought. To hold true that each step before me is blessed. For, if I truly believed each step before me is blessed, I would dance in the light of Love. I would sing loud. I would laugh and spin about. I would embrace fearlessness in each step.

I would not fear falling.

My mind is telling me, the path feels busy right now. My plate full. Work is ramping up after not slowing down very much since the crazy busyness of the holiday season. I’ve had a mouse visiting my desk at work, leave evidence of his antics on its surface. (that’s a whole over drama!)

The renovations on our new home continue with decisions to be made, things to be bought and new completion dates adjusted. We are still in temporary quarters. My eldest daughter is entering the final months of her pregnancy and I shall become a grandmother soon.

So much to do. So many ways to be present. How will I manage?

When I let go of focusing on ‘how much there is to do’ or worrying about the ways in which I am being present and instead, breathe into knowing the path before me is blessed, I move from panic mode thinking (how on earth am I going to get it all done?) to realization that what will be will be. Doing what needs to be done is important. Knowing that no matter how I do whatever I do, the path before me is blessed, opens me up to grace. In grace, there is no anxiety. No worry. No fear.

I can stress out over what needs to get done. Or, I can choose to breathe calmly into doing what needs to get done without judging the quantity of time and energy available as lacking in ‘enough’. When I move from lack to abundance, to gratitude for the blessed path before me, I become conscious of my ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.

In that realization, I find myself remembering to sink back into that place where I know, deep within me, that all my seeking to get stuff done without staying conscious of my being present, is just a way to keep myself busy from being present.

And without presence, I spin like a hamster in a wheel, giving no thought to the present moment in which I am given the gift to not just do, but also BE.

When I let go of worrying and fearing the path before me, I open my heart, my mind and my soul to being conscious of being present to trusting the path before me.

And when I trust in the blessed path before me, I become all that I am in this moment – no matter how often my mind is telling me, the path is unsafe. The world is spinning out of control. Hunker down. Get ‘er done. Don’t let go….

The path before me is blessed. I trust in this moment right now and step fearlessly onto the path.

And with each step, wonder and awe awaken and miracles shimmer all around.

6 thoughts on “What if the path before you is blessed?

  1. Elgie,

    Even if the path ahead is full of monsters, trolls under bridges and mice … even if your ‘being blessed equals safety analogy’ is valid – there is only one way to explain this …

    Que sera, sera.

    Whatever will be will be.

    The future’s not ours to see, que sera, sera.

    However stressful, full and crazy your life is in the near future – compared to many situations you’ve seen, it’s pretty dreamy and easy to live with, is it not?



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  2. If we can wake up each day stay positive and grateful for another day, looking for the best life has to offer, and believe We are blessed, then our path con do nothing but be blessed also. May you find peace and blessings this new year. I enjoy thinking positive and your post lifts my spirits. Thanks.

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  3. The business of busy-ness is the perfect smoke screen for avoiding presence but you are awesomely present by facing the beast square on and saying, bring it! You are a warrior woman. Strong, powerful, harmonious, loving, orderly and wise! If this time now is heaven on earth, which you allude to so often, then being present is a heavenly treat you can give yourself. Spin, and enjoy that shimmering light! Pass it on!
    With thanks,

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