And so it is. Beginnings. Endings. And in between transition.

And so it is. An ending. A beginning. And in between, transitions.

An ending:  I am no longer the Interim Executive Director of the family homeless shelter where I work.

A beginning.  Still unplanned. Unscheduled. But it is there. Simmering. Shimmering. Quivering. The space of the unknown. That place of possibility. Dreams. Vision. That place where my creative expressions unleash my psyche to dance naked in the light of each new day dawning. Where my soul knows I belong. Where my heart knows its home is right here, within me.

More than knowing what it will look like, I am beginning this journey with how I want to feel. How I want to be. Excited. Challenged. Creative. Inspired. All jazzed up. I want to wake up each morning and leap out of bed, imagining that I am stepping onto creative landmines that explode with opportunity, that challenge my concepts of who I am and propel me into being all I am when I am living within the fires of creativity unbounded.

And first, the transition.

I am spending the next six weeks supporting the new ED and finishing off a couple of projects.  No title. Just ‘Consultant’.

More transition.  I’ll spend the summer, unplanned, uncharted. Except for a trip to the coast to spend as much time as possible with my grandson and his family, and on the way, a stop-over to visit dear friends in the Shuswap and to take in some wine tasting.  I’ll hop on over to the islands to visit my sister and her husband. Maybe even visit Tofino, but I may save that for C.C. and me in the fall with Beaumont!

The beauty of unplanned time. Anything is possible.

As I sit at my desk this morning, watching the river flow past, the sun-bruised morning sky begins to lighten. Cars intermittently travel across the bridge from the west towards the east, where the downtown waits. A bird chirps in a tree, welcoming the morning.

And I am….

I am me.

And I feel….

Now that’s the question for the day. How do I feel?  I feel a mixture of anticipation. Joy. Sadness. Uncertainty.

How will I be with this new person walking into my old role? How will I respond?

Over the past few weeks I have been practicing, ‘releasing’. Letting go of any expectations I might have held that I could stay in the role longer. Releasing any hurts and sadness I’m not.

In releasing, space has been created for this new way of being in the same place to arrive and enliven me with its sense of anticipation and possibility for my uncharted future.

As I drifted into meditation this morning, I asked myself two simple questions to set my intention for this day, week and the weeks until I completely transition out of being here to being in the next as yet unmapped ground of being somewhere else:

How do I want to feel?

I want to feel grateful. Gracious. Calm. Inviting.

I want to feel that feeling of satisfaction that comes from knowing it was, a job well done.

That feeling that says, ‘my time here is done, and that’s perfectly okay with me now.’

I want to feel complete.

What do I want to create?

I want to create a space for the new ED to feel like this decision she has made to step into this role is the best decision she’s ever made in her life. I want to create a space where she feels my support and the support of all the leadership team. I want to create opportunity for sharing, of ideas, knowledge, experiences where she can learn of ‘what has happened in the past’, so that she is free to create an exciting new future for the organization, the families we serve and all the staff.

I want to feel like I am not ‘in the way’, but part of a transition that is creating better for the future, for everyone. And, as I near the end of my transition time, I want to feel like letting go is the most natural thing to do. That letting go is all there is left to do to step away and feel, ‘complete’.

I have awoken to a brand new day this morning. I sit at my desk where I sit every morning at this time and watch the river flow past. Right now, there are no cars on the bridge. No people walking or biking. Ther is only the river flowing past, the trees struggling to find their springlike finery. There is only the sun-bruised sky lightening and the birdsong calling me to awaken.

There is…. only Love.

I am grateful.


11 thoughts on “And so it is. Beginnings. Endings. And in between transition.

  1. LG

    Lovely words.

    As always, but something is missing – at least for me, in terms of what you say and how you are saying it.

    It strikes me as ‘wandering around in your head in a state of self imposed euphoria combined with the focus of a bee flitting from dandelion to dandelion’. Good for the bee, good for the dandelion …

    What about your belly? Is there fire? Are you excited about something, mad about something, uncomfortable about something? I hope so – I hope you are soon, because when that moment comes, I’ll be listening.

    But it seems you’ve got ‘fire’ scheduled out – at least until fall.

    When the fire gets lit, let us know ~ because that will be exciting and likely align with a cause to get behind. Let us know, we’ll want to help if we can and support you in your next ‘thang’ …

    Enjoy those lazy hazy days of summer – have some pretzels and beer.

    p.s. and please call me when you can spare time for a lunch

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    • Hi Mark! As always, your works spark that creative fire!

      I have made a commitment to myself to give myself the summer to live, UnPlanned. That is a new and someone scary, though exciting place for me to be. Living UnPlanned. to simply allow the fire to rest without stoking. To simply be in the embers of one as the spark of the next slumbers underground.

      I’ll call. Today. 🙂


  2. Your are on your way! I am excited for you. Just do not deviate from your initial path you have outlined for yourself, well, maybe a step or two, here and You will find as you get closer to your departure date, there will be some apprehension – have I made the right decision? Normal. Think outside that proverbial box which I believe is the norm for you, and you will be surprised at the outcome, unknown at this time.
    I look forward your postings as you go forward.

    Liked by 1 person

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