Curating space for art to happen

Freefall Wednesday Writing. From my journal.

I haven’t been in the studio for awhile. A least not painting.

I have been in it ‘curating the space’, as my friend PL calls it.

I like that idea.

Curating the space.

Creating a space that not just allows for art to happen, but also pleases and soothes my soul. A space that allows me to forget myself as I fall into the sublime bliss of creative expression.

Forgetting myself isn’t always easy. The ego doesn’t like the forgetting. It likes to believe it is in control. In charge. In command. Yet, to create, to allow for art to happen, I must forget myself by letting go of ego’s need to constantly “know best”.

It is not just my ego that struggles with the forgetting. It is me. All of me.

I want to be the one making the decisions, deciding what happens next. Believing I know it all.

I want to believe I am in control of my life, determining its course and direction. Yet, to truly live bravely and love myself fiercely, I must dare to be in the moment of life, and the creative process, happening. I must dare to accept what is knowing what I can control is how I respond to life’s situations. I cannot control the wind, I can adjust my sails to weather every type of storm, every condition.

Life is a creative adventure. Creating space for the adventure to be a reflection of my life through creative expression is my passion.

I’m curating space right now. Incubating ideas. Planing seeds.

And in the process, I am allowing what is to become visible through the environment and space around me.

I am the conduit for the muse in my life to freely express herself unhindered by my ego’s calling me to ‘get control of her’.

How fascinating.




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