Ride the Waves (Day 14 — 30 Art Project)

Day 14 – 30 Day Art Project — A Gift of Love

I am sitting out on the patio. My two daughters are at the table. My grandson is sleeping quietly in his crib.

Dusk is darkening into an indigo sky. The night air has a September chill. I wrap myself in my shawl and listen to my daughters chatting. I watch their faces in the softness of the glow from the patio lights strung along the fence behind them.

Love invades me. Pushing me into joy. I fling the arms of my heart wide and ride the waves.

I search my mind for a moment where I dreamt this moment into being but cannot find it. I smile within me. I actually don’t think I had the capacity in my mind to imagine it into being. And yet, here it is. This moment of my wildest dreams undreamt, brought into reality on a late summer night where my daughters are chattering about their lives, their dreams, their work, their plans and I am sitting with them, listening, chiming in, sharing in the laughter and Love.

Tears form at the edges of my eyelids as my heart swells up with Love it cannot contain.

And then I remember. Something my grandson has been teaching me. Love, like joy, should never be contained. You just gotta let it flow and let yourself flow with it!

I take a deep breath of gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness and let my joy flow.

This is the life I dreamed of. I just didn’t have all the pieces of the puzzle of what it would look like until I arrived at this moment and received the gift of experiencing it unfolding.

Because that is life. We walk through each moment, sometime conscious of what is present, sometimes not. And then, a momnt arrives where we stop and take in the view, breathe in the full experience and realize, this is ‘the dream’. This is what we’ve always wanted.

We stop. Say thank you. And then, the moment carries on to the next.

And in each moment’s passing, the deeper we trust in ‘the dream’ of what is unfolding, the dream has room and space to expand into our heart, lighting up our world.

I sat out in the late summer’s evening and felt embraced by life.

I am so blessed.




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