Creativity Activist – my new gig!

Last weekend, when my youngest daughter and I were at Twin Falls Chalet together, one of the guests was a gentleman who had retired ten years ago from a high level executive position with a multi-national corporation.

Since retiring, he and his wife have built an exciting path that has taken them on travels they’d always dreamed of, and doing things they’d always wanted, alone and together.

One evening, as we sat around the fire and chatted, I asked him about how he had found the transition.

It was easy, he said. Once he’d walked out of his corporate headquarters for the last time, he’d never looked back.

One of the things he did was to create a new descriptor for himself in the new space of his retirement. it’s a ‘title’ that says who you are and what you’re all about, he advised.

In his case, he became an “Adventure Athelete”.

I’ve been thinking about his words for the past week, seeking support from the muses and the universe to help me in discerning, what is my ‘thing’ in this new space in my life and the answer has appeared.

Creativity Activist.

That’s my role, my vocation, my ‘title’ in my life.

I am a Creativity Activist.

For me, this means I use my imagination, creative expressions and talents to make a positive difference in the lives of people and the world by inspiring others to ignite their unique expressions to create better in the world. Each of us has different passions — using our creativity to inspire greatness and better in our passion field is key to personal happiness and to building a better world on every level.

I believe we are all creative by nature. Each of us has our own unique way of using our imaginations to “create and inspire better”.

I believe the world needs all of us to become engaged with creating peace, harmony, equality, and joy in the world. Our imagination and creativity is vital to making change happen — change that will balance socio/economic paradigms, untether political doctrines and shift demographic inequities.

My creative activism is focused on inspiring people to ‘know and love themselves better’. I believe that self-love is the gateway to acceptance of one another, as we are, in all our differences so that we can celebrate what makes us unique on the common ground of our shared humanity.

For me, this is the foundation of creating positive change in the world. When we love ourselves, as we are, without shaming ourselves or others for our differences, we create space for all points of view to be heard and valued. And in that space of equality and harmony, anything is possible.

I am excited.

The thoughts above on what it means for me to be a ‘creative activist’ are not completely defined. But knowing my key motivator and focus in this post-retirement from the formal workplace space, feels…. inspiring… uplifting… freeing… right. 

I want to fill each day with activities that give me a sense of purpose, meaning and joy. What I put my attention on grows stronger in my life. Putting my attention on thoughts and activities that ignite creativity and imagination to create better in the world affirms me. Strengthens me. Comforts me. Inspires me.

How I spend my time is a statement of who I am. Spending my time in the here and now creating opportunities for others to get inspired to express themselves in unique ways that bring harmony and joy into their world, creates better in the world all around me.

Colour me excited!

Paint me a rainbow!

Fly me to the moon!

I got this!


12 thoughts on “Creativity Activist – my new gig!

  1. I’m not sure I would call you a creativity activist – I’ve just known the person you are, not this new one you want to become.

    I know you as a Catalyst For Change – just as a catalyst accelerators a chemical reaction, a catalyst dealing with people accelerates changes in them …

    AND, I’m reminded of Brene Brown’s first TEDTalk where she describes herself as a researcher-story teller and is told there is no such thing. But she is, and I would describe her also as a Catalyst For Change.

    So, you go ahead … write and paint and re-name or re-brand your dreams anyway you want, put yourself on the page in free verse or iambic pentameter all you want – but until convinced otherwise, I’ll continue to think of you as, and call you, a Catalyst For Change – something you are extremely good at.

    You don’t needle, you nudge.

    You don’t challenge, you teach.

    You don’t fight, you influence.

    You don’t stomp your feet, you show how not-stomping can change minds and influence actions.

    You don’t know how much you do for so many – but sometimes I think you are writing-off, or writing yourself away from, the greatest strengths you have – a skill set that is so-needed, so powerful to fix things, fix organizations and to fix people. Yes, you are strong gentle kind (and mostly soft-spoken) Catalyst For Change …. so, my vote is for you not to change that.

    My two cents,


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    • Catalyst For Change is a beautiful title descriptor. Powerful in bringing transformation and yet doing it in an enabling, supportive, confidence-building way, building up rather than tearing down. I enjoyed reading what you shared.. thanks.


    • Oh wow Mark. Are you trying to make me cry? your words of affirmation are incredibly powerful and inspiring. Thank you my friend. I feel so incredibly blessed to be honoured in such a way. I now have to digest what you’re written and let it settle into my heart. ❤


  2. Hey there Ms. Creativity Activist! As with many who have “just retired” you are trying to take on the world. Love the title, the concept and you will carry it off. What I am not sensing is “me time” when you kick back your heels and veg, relax, contemplate your navel so to speak. Finding a balance between Creativity Activist and “me time” is part of your personal rejuvenation experience. Another topic for that bottle of wine chat on your personal deck!

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