DarkPath meanderings and other psychic journeys

For the past few mornings, this lovely fellow has been visiting me as I sit at my desk. I think he’s trying to tell me something!

I had a dream last night. Its memory is a bit garbled, and yes, when I awoke from it I did think about writing it down but fell back to sleep before the thought took hold.

I do remember thinking, I must remember this. It’s important. And, while I don’t remember the details, I do remember the substance. It was all about me and my DarkPath — the Dark Healer.

Several years ago I had my SolePath Energy Analysis done to help me understand, my “Sub-conscious self, and the reason why you behave the way you do.”  Or, as the website states, your best lifehack ever. (Where on earth did the phrase ‘lifehack’ come from?)

Yesterday, I read through the analysis again for the first time in a long time.

And that’s where the DarkPath dream stemmed from.

In a SolePath Analysis there are 3 Paths. The Joyful LightPath. The Progression LightPath and the Collapsing DarkPath.

I have been dancing with the DarkPath and forgetting to activate my LightPaths to get me back on track.

Yup. I’ve been playing in the darkside of my belief “I am not wanted here” for a few weeks now. My dream was to remind me to turn to the light. To allow my natural gifts to raise me up so that I can respond with grace, ease and love to everything and everyone in my life.

I know. I know. It sounds kind of whoo hoo fairy dusty, when in actuality, my SolePath Energy Analysis reads incredibly accurately to me. And, if it is a tool that can help me move with grace, ease and love, why wouldn’t I use it?

Here’s the thing.

There’s all sorts of things in this world we can learn to make life easier. We can learn how to read and write. How to ride a bike. To cook and clean. To build bridges, boats, rafts – all sorts of things to carry us across the waters.

What we don’t learn very much about is how to be the best version of our human essence on this journey called life.

We tend to leave that to ‘the fates’, to happenstance, to some future state of ‘maybe one day’.

While I believe we all share a desire to be our most magnificent selves, we aren’t provided many tools, nor support, to actually make it happen.

In our journey from childhood to adulthood, we don’t always learn the tools we need to swim with grace and ease, flowing with the waters of life instead of against them. In our desire to direct the waters so that we can get what we want in life, we flail about splashing our negativity, fear, confusion all about, get caught in the back-eddies, or caught up in the currents, and forget all about ‘going with the flow’ as we fight against the natural current our individual human uniqueness.

Understanding what motivates us, how we are the way we are, what works for us (or not), what inspires us, and how we can stay out of, or at least get out of, the fray of our sometimes human dysfunction is essential to living a grace-filled life of joy and wonder.

And the fact is, I have been a bit stuck in behaviours and monkey-mind self-talk that I am predisposed to revert to in times of stress and unease.

In simpler terms, my comfort zone. That place where I’m not all that comfortable but at least I know the lay of the land. Even when it doesn’t bring me more of what I truly want in my life, at least there are no surprises because, in my comfort zone, I can easily play the victim and feel vindicated in my position. because “I’m to blame for all the bad stuff going down and they’re all going to blame me anyway because it’s always all my fault”.

I know. Pretty yucky. Right?

Here’s what my SolePath energy analaysis says about the DarkHealer Path

Yup. that’s me.

And here’s the thing, my DarkPath is my place of enlightenment. My place where growth occurs because my DarkPath  reminds me to choose away from it to step into my LightPaths so that I truly can be of service to the world and live from within the power and beauty of the best version of myself.

I had a dream last night. It came to me from the darkness to remind me it’s not my job to fix everything/everyone and when I call upon the strengths of my LightPaths, I have the power and capacity to live in the light.

It’s my choice.

The dawning of a new day brings awareness. I choose the light.







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