Snow? In September? What the Weather?

Autumn falls in golden glory, shedding summer blossoms and leaves like rose petals falling upon the smiling faces of a newly wedded couple.

There’ll be snow tomorrow, the weatherman drones on, his smile masking his dismay at Autumn’s duplicity. Like the river flowing endlessly to the sea, the wind pays no attention to the slithering fear the weatherman’s words convey into the heart’s of city folk who throw their words at television screens like a magician throwing knives in the hopes they do not hit their mark. “Snow tomorrow? Too soon. Too soon.”

Autumn leaves falling pay no heed. Impervious to our pleas for one more day  the winds blow free of summer’s promise bringing with them dark clouds brewing up an early winter storm.

In this moment, right now, I sit at my desk watching the river flow endlessly to the sea. No ice in site. I want to keep this image, right now, as my future state but know, I must release it so I can flow freely in the beauty of this moment, right now.

Snow will come. The ice will dam the river. Birds will flock south. The leaves will fall.

There’s snow coming tomorrow, the weatherman intones and I breathe deeply into the beauty of each golden leaf falling gracefully.

I cannot change the weather. I can change my state of being present in this moment, right now.

I breathe in. Breathe out and move into acceptance.

The weather will be what the weather will be. For this moment, right now, I choose the peace and joy of being present in the beauty falling all around me.

Perhaps though, it would be wise to go buy a new pair of winter boots today.

13 thoughts on “Snow? In September? What the Weather?

  1. Please, please, not ready for the fluffy white stuff yet. We arrive on Tuesday and I dread the thought of anything resembling winter footwear so will make do with something at least water resistant. Although I must admit that your words do bring a sense of peace and solitude which is what winter means to me.
    Next week?! The wine and us in your deck, minus the silky white stuff, please, o please.


    • I hear you (re the fluffy white stuff) It’s not supposed to be a long visit, in fact by the time you arrive it should be all sunny and bright again — just a tad on the chillier side than seasonal norms — above freezing… during the day! 🙂

      YES! re wine — not sure it will be warm enough on the deck but I’ve got lots of blankets! 🙂 (I’ll email you.)

      Looking forward to seeing you — and me too — that’s what winter means to me. So glad my words took you there! Hugs


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