Remember & Awaken

I sit at my desk and look out at the trees lining the river, the sun shining on their trunks.

I watch dried up leaves of autumn that still cling to a few naked limbs sway in the morning breeze as their warmth starved branches soak up the sun’s rays.

The river flows freely. The ice that formed a bridge from one bank to the other has melted. Spring awakens slowly, its approach a long drawn out flirtatious dance of farewell, an ode to the loss of winter’s kisses.

I sit and watch the world flow past my window as I awaken to the beauty all around me.

This planet on which we walk, this planet we call our home, it is the home of everything. Trees. Bees. Birds. Reptiles. Mammals. Fish. Flowers. Wind. Air. Water. Earth.

It is our home. Home to all.

We do not own it. We cannot possess it. We are its caretakers.

We must keep it clean. Keep it healthy. Keep it safe.

Remember & Awaken

by Louise Gallagher

The memory of a tree
is buried deep
beneath our feet
walking on the soil
that is its home
its birthplace
its womb.

Tread lightly
the trees call out
swaying their branches
in the sky above
as if to catch
our attention down below
where we walk
to their dance of love
with all of nature.

Tread lightly
they whisper
to the air
their voices a sweet caress
calling all the world
to remember and awaken
to the beauty above
and all around us.

Tread lightly
you are walking
on our past
our present
our future.

Tread lightly.

12 thoughts on “Remember & Awaken

  1. Wow, Louise, this is a wonderful post. Both the poem and your dreamy thoughts as you watch nature outside your window. I can feel your serenity.
    You so beautifully reflect about Earth “We do not own it. We cannot possess it. We are its caretakers.”

    Your poem fills me with a feeling of tenderness to the nature, it is strong but also fragile. Just like us. I would like to quote from this too,
    ” where we walk
    to their dance of love
    with all of nature. ”


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