A Song for Mother Earth #EarthDay2020

Acrylic on canvas
24 x 40″
A Song for Mother Earth
2020 Louise Gallagher

Listen. Can you hear her? Mother Earth.

She is calling. Calling and imploring us to stop what we are doing to make life on earth so difficult, dangerous and deadly. To change our ways so that we don’t keep harming this planet earth which is our home, our refuge, our sanctuary.

She calls out from the depths of her oceans, her tears moving like sludge through the darkness of murky polluted waters.

She calls out from high up in skies cloudy with city smog and factory offal. Her voice is faint and distant. Her calls for clarity vanishing with every emission streaming out into the great blue yonder.

She calls from deep within the forests burning where animals are forced to flee their homes and trees lose their ground.

She calls to us in whirling winds and torrential rains that pour down mountainsides in floods of mud and drown out villages and roadways, pushing us further and further away from home.

She is calling out to each of us. Calling, from us in our homes here on this planet that is her home and the home to the animals and fish, the birds and bees, the tiny ant crawling in the grass beneath tall trees towering above, she is calling out to each of us.

Let us all listen.
Let us all heed her call.


#EarthDay2020 is also the 50th anniversary of this day that began in 1970. It is not a day to celebrate but to stake stock. It is not a day to congratulate ourselves on how far we’ve come, fifty years after it began we’ve strayed further away from the ideals and needs of the planet than anyone could have imagined back in April 1970.


For more info – Earth Day Network


This painting was inspired by a woman’s art I saw somewhere else on the Internet awhile ago. At the time, I saw the painting, thought, ‘cool’ and moved on without saving the link. When I decided to paint something specifically for #EarthDay2020 I was inspired by a memory of something I’d seen…

That’s how the muse works.

She remembers beauty and sprinkles it like confetti in my mind, awakening memories of beauty, joy, peace, calm, Love no matter where I am or what Im doing.

I am sorry I do not remember the artist’s name who inspired me. I am grateful for her inspiration.

12 thoughts on “A Song for Mother Earth #EarthDay2020

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  2. People, be kind to Mother Earth
    As she is fragile, delicate and lovely.
    People, do not hurt Mother Earth
    With greed in the guide of progress.
    People, stay with Mother Earth
    As she is yours to enjoy and cherish.
    People, there is only one Mother Earth.

    Mother Earth, take care, fight back.
    It may be your only way to survive
    The hurtling onslaught of people.

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  3. Beautiful art with a powerful message, Louise. Thanks for sharing your poignant message today. I have also shared a poem on my blog. It was written by a semi-famous poet over two decades ago and certainly is more relevant each passing day.

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