This small, succulent, juicy moment


The day begins here
at the edge of the horizon
where earth and sky embrace
with sun sweetened kisses
breaking morning open.

A stranger writes to tell me how much my words meant to them, and tears well up in my eyes.

I watch a man in a bright yellow jacket standing on the bridge watching the water flow, and tears well up.

A chickadee lands in the naked branches of the bush below my window. She hops from branch to branch, a fragment of a song slips through my mind. The Sunshine Band. “Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight….” A smile raises the corners of my lips slightly. Tears well up in my eyes.

A squirrel poses against a tree trunk, tail straight up pointing towards the sky, his body pointed towards the ground, head lifted as if looking straight at me. I smile again and again, the tears well up.

I sit and watch the river flow past. A chunk of ice floats. A duck balances its body on its surface, bobbing up and down as the ice moves along. Smiles and tears again.

There is so much beauty in the small moments.

My heart aches for the small moments. For the moments devoid of virus counts and mass shootings where innocents are slain, not by a glob of proteins attacking their lungs but by a man with a gun intent on taking lives and destroying the peace and beauty of an entire community.

My heart aches and I feel the tears and I feel the sadness and sorrow and I let them flow.

Like the river, they move on, flowing ever onward toward a distant sea.

I sit and breathe and pause. My eyes take in the ineffable beauty of the moment. I fill my senses with the wonder of it all.

So much beauty. So much ugliness. So much darkness. So much light. So much life and death entwined in the eternal dance of being present within the gravitational pull of this planet that sustains us, grounds us and holds us up every moment of every day.

I feel the tears pushing at my eyelids again. Tears swollen and bruised with the sadness of these days of deaths by a virus and manmade destruction.

And then, two geese rise up off the river. Honking loudly, they fly up into the sky, up towards the sun rising in the eastern sky.  I run outside onto the deck to capture their wild, carefree flight and feel the cool gentle kiss of morning against my face.

The wildness within me stirs. My senses awaken to this beautiful dance of life in all its complex beauty. Love and joy, sadness and sorrow flow and mingle, forever entwined within the inexplicable beauty of this moment in which I stand, outside in the rising sun, feeling the freshness of spring air against my skin, listening to the honks of two geese flying towards the sun.

And I breathe again, relax the tightness in my shoulders, close my eyes and stand in the cool, crisp air of this spring morning.

No matter the source of these tears, I tell myself, let them flow free. In their passing, you will find yourself rising again into the beauty of this sun-kissed morning where the most precious thing of all is this moment in which you stand, exposed, wild of heart, grateful for the gift of the inexpressible beauty of this world in all its light and darkness.

And so I breathe into this small, succulent and juicy moment and count my blessings. They are many.




14 thoughts on “This small, succulent, juicy moment

  1. To my over-crying friend,

    The best way, I believe, out of sadness, is work. Any work will do. Work at something old, or at something new, just work.

    And yes, the blank page is a workplace too.

    C’mon now – you can do it, we all can: WRITE

    Or wash your car, sweep the walk, clean a cupboard, build something, or in the words of Tom Peters:

    Ready, fire, aim!

    Just start …

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  2. Louise! Chin up, you have been through a lot in your life, this is just another blip on what everyone thinks is a smooth journey through life. Take that blank canvas, blank piece of paper. Put brush or pen in hand and you will create, yet again. Looking forward to many more artistic endeavours emanating from your beautiful, cozy river side studio.

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    • Thank you dear Iwona. I am feeling pretty balanced and calm — just those moments of sadness that roll over me like a wave washing in from the sea. And when the wave retreats, it pulls with it the sadness and gloom leaving behind sparkling sands glistening in the sun.

      that’s kind of how I feel. In and of and immersed in the waves of life washing over me.

      And… I’ve spent the last few hours in my cozy river side studio, playing and painting, writing and musing. Beau and I had a beautiful walk this morning in the sun and then I came home, had a bath, a chat with C.C. about life and all that is going on… and now… creativity flows.

      Hugs my friend. ❤


  3. I too am so saddened by the senseless act of one man in Nova Scotia. The loss of innocent lives.💔 Grieving alone as they can’t gather. Trying to come to terms with the wreckage in what was a safe place. Their homes and communities. I’ve felt that part. How can it happen here? I’ve also sat with tears and sadness that our world seems so in balanced right now. But time doesn’t stop so we feel, we grieve, we move along as the next step approaches abs, although we never make sense of it all, we learn to live with what has transpired.
    Sending you many hugs

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  4. Louise,
    I love that you see the beauty in the small moments and that it brings tears to your eyes. You are present to life as a treasure. That is a beautiful thing.
    Keep on creating that which you love with the world.

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