Wonder. dream. dare.

Inside first page of Sheltered Wonder art journal – mixed media on watercolour paper

The sun is bright this morning. The sky pastel blue on the horizon slipping effortlessly into deeper hues high above.

Buds unfurl on the trees and bushes that line the riverbank, like a priestess dancing in a temple, gracefully removing her veils, one by one. The buds unfurl a little bit more, growing bigger and fuller, day by day. The world turns greener as nature reveals itself in all its finery, its dance an erotic unveiling of joy and life.

Joy. Happiness. Gratitude fill my heart. I feel myself come alive within the sights, smells and breath of nature’s mystical dance of wonder.

Yesterday, I dove into creation, unveiling the mysteries of the muse as I painted and sketched and meditated on Sheltered Wonder.

In the inside cover page, a doorway appears. A portal to the unknown, the new, the mystical, the magic of life. Around it, the words are written: Enter here all who wonder. Dream. Dare.

There are Wonder Rules to guide me:

  • Be Curious
  • Stay Open
  • Seek Beauty
  • Find Value
  • Share Grace

I do not know from whence the Rules appeared. The muse has her ways.

At first I thought, What? Rules in Sheltered Wonder? How can that be? Where’s the freedom in rules?

I invited my mind to stay open, to let my curiosity guide me. What do the rules represent?

Nature has a natural order. Its innate rules create a safe container for all sentient and non-sentient beings to thrive and grow, evolve and transform.

We need rules to create the safe container for each of us to express ourselves courageously, freely, uniquely. The underlying rule, especially in the time of Covid: To be good for me it must be good for all.

If my going outside the safe enclosure of our home risks my health and well-being, then I am risking the health and well-being of my beloved. And possibly, others too.

I see the beauty in self-isolation to find myself embraced by grace. It keeps me safe. Us healthy. It gives me the freedom to express myself fearlessly without fearing for the well-being of others.

I began the exploration of Sheltered Wonder yesterday. Guided by five natural rules of order, I am free to express myself in ways I cannot imagine until I dive deep into its wonder. There, cloaked in nothing but my imagination running wild in the garden of creativity, I am free to dream and create boldly. Listening deeply to my heart’s calling, I find myself soaring high above my fear of falling.

Freed from my fear, I dance joyfully in the temple of creativity, expressing the beauty I discover with the lifting of each veil obscuring my creative nature.


15 thoughts on “Wonder. dream. dare.

  1. Seeing beauty in self-isolation, guided by your Wonder Rules, one shall never be lonely or bored. I fear that one of the outcomes of this pandemic pandemonium will be an unprecedented rise in mental health issues, beyond what the experts are discussing now. Why? We are not returning to the normal we were accustomed to. Spread your Wonder Rules far and wide for they may actually help some as they slowly emerge out of their isolation.
    P.S. snow is ALL gone, just very fresh.

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    • Thank you Iwona. Yes, I fear you are right — if only we embrace the world in Love so that no one fears they do not belong, they are not wanted, they are not worthy, they are not Loved. Hugs my friend — glad your snow is gone. Did you have to send it here? It is snowing/raining as I type! 🙂


  2. How did I miss this yesterday? Or rather, two days ago! Sheesh.
    This is gorgeous, Louise! You are far more creative.. no wait, talented artistically, than I! I fear if I do join you in such a wonderful endeavour, it shall pale in comparison. Oh wait. Don’t compare. Just enjoy and do…

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    • Thank you Dale. I appreciate your words — 🙂 and the artistic talent? I didn’t even know I had it until my mid 40s when I decided out of the blue one day to paint with my eldest daughter. I feel in love.

      And yup. comparison – no. no. Just enjoy and do… enjoy and do… 🙂

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      • That is so wonderful! My father started painting in his late thirties, total natural talent, his half-brother an amazing artist as well; my nieces are both living off their talent.

        So yeah, no comparison. Just enjoy and do is the way to go!

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