And So I Pray

In every life, a little rain must fall so flowers can grow and hearts can learn to weather the storms and break open in Love. Pgs 28 – 29. Sheltered Wonder art journal

When I started this Sheltered Wonder art journal project, I wrote out the Wonder Rules to guide me. The reason for the journal is clear – to identify, acknowledge and celebrate the things I’ve learned, experienced, grown through, been challenged by and challenged during the sequestered solitude of Covid.

There have been so many moments where fear rose up, threatening to consume my peace of mind. It was through spending time in nature and in my studio that I was able to grapple with my fear so that I could find my calm even in its presence.

There have also been moments that absolutely took my breath away. Moments where the beauty of the world around me outweighed the sorrow and grief.

And, there have been moments where I felt like I was drowning in sorrow and grief. It has been here, in my studio, creating and writing, that I have found comfort, insight, healing, grace.

In this bubble in which I live, life flows as effortlessly as the river outside my window.

I struggle some days to align my world with what is going on in the world around me. And right now, that means how do I Share Grace, the fifth Wonder Rule, with my neighbours to the south where violence and death tolls continue to mount as the unrest boils over and Covid ravages lives daily.

There is little I can do in the physical world to change the course of events outside my own sphere of influence.

There is lots I can do in the metaphysical world, and also in this ‘cyber world’ where we meet up and share and learn and grow.

And that is, to practice every minute of every day, the art of sharing grace.

The issues that are impacting our US neighbours are deep and profound. Sitting here, north of the 49th parallel, it can tempting to sit in judgement. To cast aspersions upon those in leadership roles, those in power and control, those breaking the laws, those upholding them.

Grace means, I don’t do that. I cannot share darkness. I must share only light.

Light comes in many forms. For me, to add value (which is part of the fourth Wonder Rule – Find Value ) – my light must come in the form of my prayers. I must use my prayers to override any commentary I might want to make so that it is only my prayers that ripple out into the world for peace, understanding, compassion and healing for my neighbours to the south and all the world.

Just as the girl in the painting is carrying a bouquet of flowers to the tree surrounded by a field of wildflowers, I can only add my prayers to the millions of prayers going out to our US neighbours and to the world.

And so, I pray. In rain and sun, under grey skies or blue, I pray.

And I send my prayers out to the sky, the trees, the air, to the river of love flowing to those whose hearts are breaking, those whose lives are ending, those who are carrying burdens that feel too heavy and are falling under the weight. Those who are fighting for and against the turmoil of these times.

Those who are standing in confusion, fear, worry, sadness, sorrow, grief. Those crying in the darkness of their grief, those crying out for mercy, those calling out for the violence to stop, those calling out for change to happen now.

I pray and in my prayers grace finds me and hope embraces me. Hope for our neighbours to the south. For the world still struggling to come out from under the yoke of Covid. Those still struggling to come to grips with the loss of those they love, the life they had, the life they knew as normal. Those praying for peace. For change. For relief. For life.

I pray and send my prayers and my Love out into the world. It is the only way I can Share Grace.

May we all know peace. May we all know Love. May we all find the courage to heal what separates and divides us. May we all embrace our differences and celebrate our humanity as one people, one world, one human race.

And so I pray.


12 thoughts on “And So I Pray

  1. I wish that life were so simple, that solutions to crisis were at our fingertips, that I shall wake up tomorrow to life as we knew it, once upon a time.
    Yesterday I took out a well-thumbed book, A History of the World in
    Ten Empires, Rise and Fall, by Paul Strathern. I quote,
    “Every empire contains the seeds of its own destruction: so what precisely is social progress? Who benefits from it, and who suffers? Rise and a Fall reminds us that the progress of humankind takes many forms, and that – perhaps – the systems we take for granted today are far from being the only or inevitable course of future civilisation.”
    Time to put on my “analyst’s hat”, time to realize that just when we thought our neighbours to the south had hit rock bottom, time passes and there is yet another rock ledge that hinders their spiral journey down into the unknown. This latest tragedy, blatantly racist, is not their “bottom”, it is a wake up call, yet another rock ledge, for history has a bad habit of repeating itself.
    No longer can or should we take for granted that life will return to a sense of normalcy once the pandemic pandemonium is over. This is evidenced by recent tragedies south of the border, three deceased black Americans, who lost their lives all in the name of “the law”. Would these three deaths have happened if the pandemic was not ruling our lives? No one can answer that, no one should even attempt to do so. What happened is specific to US societal conditions that seem to be always at a simmering point, and boil over when conditions are right. Unfortunately those conditions are increasing in number and frequency.
    Let us hope that the world’s reaction will temper those who feel that “pillage and rampage” is the only solution.
    Let’s follow LG’s example, be positive, pray, and may hope and peace find their way to our southern neighbours for without hope, they may have passed the point of no return.

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    • Such a powerful response, and quote Iwona. Thank you.

      I keep focusing on what I know to be true — that even in the darkest, most terrifying days of my life, the gifts of what I discovered about myself, my courage, my strength, my hope, my love, my will to live, far outweighed the darkness.

      I keep focusing on seeing these times as the beginning of new times where growth, change, healing can happen.

      Namaste my friend. Thank you. ❤


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