No. Never. No More. (No. 57 #ShePersisted Series)

No 60 (something) in #ShePersisted Series – mixed media on watercolour paper.

I hadn’t realized how long it has been since I last created a painting for my #ShePersisted series.

I thought I was done. Finished. Had enough.

The muse had other ideas.

I listened. Because… as No. 57 (or is it 60?) says…

No. 60 #ShePersisted Series

They said, you’ve come a long way baby.
Be happy.

She said, there’s still a long way to go.
I’ll be happy when dignity and justice, equality and love
are the way for all humanity.

And here’s how I know how long it’s been since I created No. 60… (which I think is actually No 57 because I seem to have skipped a number here and there in the process – I really need to go back to elementary school and take arithmetic!)

To figure out the No. for this latest painting, I had to go back into my FB feed and check it out.

No. 60 was created in March — of 2019.

And yet, now, more than ever, ensuring every voice is heard, everyone is counted is as important today as its ever been.

We need to do better.

As a human race. As a society. As a collective. As individuals.

We need to do better.

We must.

We can.

Let’s do it.


PS – I also have to do better at updating my website where all the paintings for the series are displayed. Apparently, I’m still at No. 52.

And another PS… I have had a couple of inquiries about a calendar for the series. For the past two years I have created a small desktop flip calendar with 12 of the paintings.

I’m in the midst of creating a new edition for 2021 with availability by November 30. Just in time for the season of giving!

If you’re interested in possibly getting one, (they’re about $18 +shipping) I’d love to know – especially if you have a ‘fav’ you think should be included. The series (up to #52 but I promise to get the rest uploaded today! πŸ™‚ ) can be viewed HERE. Send me an email or leave a comment.


This was the 2020 version (which was the same as the 2019). 2021 will be 12 different paintings with corresponding messages.

8 thoughts on “No. Never. No More. (No. 57 #ShePersisted Series)

  1. Beautiful Louise! I’d love a 2021 calendar…and I’d love to have “They said lower your voice…She said No. Never. No More” as one of the pages. Let me know when I can send you an e-transfer. You’re always such an inspiration….

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  2. Count me in. I agree with Karen – “They said Lower your voice … She said NO. Never. NO more. should be first and foremost. What a strong message. I can recall being told to my face – Your opinion, analysis really does not matter. Women are seen as being aggressive whereas men are assertive. Ass-ertive my — ! Did I prove “him” wrong!

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    • I got it done!!!! I sent the order off today — it’s a Calgary company so they should be here by end of week — and yup! NO more is the January page to kick the year off!

      Thanks my friend.

      What a powerful story you shared — and I love love love Ass-ertive! πŸ™‚ ahahaha


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